Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Top image: River Island
Second image: Urban Outfitters
Third image: Primark
Fourth image: H&M
Last image: Topshop

Ok so it's a bit premature but have been doing some present hunting today and came across a few goodies that I wanted to share! I love this time of year and being able to think up different presents that (hopefully) people will enjoy! I'm not one particularly to own all the traditional Christmas pieces (I'm thinking penguin jumpers, bobble headed Father Christmas' and light up reindeers) but I do love some of the more subtle pieces and the traditional things you do around this time of year, like having an advent calendar, stockings, decorating the tree etc. 

I came across the first top though and thought maybe I am a bit more predictable than I realise though as this would be my ideal Christmas list!!! The last one, of the advent calendar from Topshop, is an idea I'd not seen before of a jewellery advent calendar. Have seen ones with things other than chocolate (Lego one was a good one!) but thought that was a nifty idea! Would still have a chocolate one too though!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Texture…and print

Jumper: Primark   Jeans: H&M   Plimsols: Office   Rings: Various   Watch: River Island
OMG how much do I love this jumper! Possibly the softest thing I have ever worn, can't help but stroke it (which looks a bit weird sometimes when I'm just walking down the street!). Need to try and glam it up a bit though, maybe with a leather skirt and some ankle boots for the now autumn feeling?

I've said before how much I quite like this time of year, when you can break out jumpers and wrap up a bit more (maybe with someone!) but it does feel kind of like the calm before the storm, when you have gone past the crazy days of summer and now just waiting for the festivities of Christmas. That and my birthday, eeee!!! 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Big Bell…wedding '14

So am back on again, after a long break, of much moving about the country (and Ireland) and much preparation for this amazing wedding that took place over the weekend. The bride and groom, some of our best friends, finally tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony that just needed to be documented on here! So here's a brief overview of it all:

The Make-up - by Christina Gill and Anna Shorrock

 The Hair - by Victoria Sukonik

The Hair Pieces - by Rachel Gaw @ Rachels Wonders Jewellery

 The Flowers - by Lisa Evans

 The Cakes - by Edwina Charlton-Molloy 

The Venue - Bowdon Rooms

The Couple -  Gemma and Tim

So as you can see from the above photos, this wedding was nothing short of sheer glamour. Based around the theme of peacock colours, and Gemma and Tim's own artistic vision, they came up with a stunning interpretation with help from numerous friends and work colleagues to bring it all together. I first met this couple through my sister. At the time, with me having only just started university and them all being a bit older, didn't quite get them, (at the time they were all playing a pub quiz where the winners won the contents of each others pockets?!!!) But after many years and many unique experiences with them I have come to realise they, and their gorgeous daughter, are people that I love spending time with the most.

Tim, a fellow blogger at Animated Review, is quiet (has to be with Gemma around) but ridiculously funny and straight talking and would do absolutely anything for anyone if ever asked. Gemma, who has introduced me to just how loud Northerners can be, is just a natural mother. She might not think in the conventional way but will look out for you and spend her precious time looking after everyone in her special ways and just be there for you whatever is needed. She has helped me in many valuable ways, particularly the last couple of years, and I can't thank her enough for her time and her love. Both of them are complete opposites in personality (and voice level!) but just work and shows you how LOVE can be! Congratulations MR and MRS BELL!

(oh and special photo credit thanks to Claire Johnstone, Callum Johnstone, Lynda Whitmore, Lucy Swindle, Rachel Gaw, David Edwards and Victoria Sukonik - as some of yours were a lot better than some of mine!)