Friday, 30 March 2012

Wish I wore...this week

Top and second images: H&M
Third image: Zara
Fourth image: Topshop
Fifth image: Topshop

Sorry have been very slack on this posting front over the last week or so, am in the middle of a full onslaught of man flu and having days at the moment just of trying to muster up energy to move. Actually think it is full on flu as spent the last four days, whilst it's been the warmest it's been so far this year, sat in double layers of jumpers and extra long socks. Thought was just me being weird but the appearance of a nice rudolf nose now confirms the suspicions that illness was on its way!

Anyways sorry for the moan and the lack of photos, for the time being thought I would collate a few images of things I have been lusting after the past few weeks. At the moment, with the current obsession with bold prints and matching ensembles, I am very much after the above H&M flower print set, with the photographic print and change in colour, would wear the top and trousers with the simplistic sandals from Zara (a steal at just £29.99) and for added accessories could add the beaded collar from Topshop and the absolutely gorgeous tear drop shaped bag. Also check out Mel's blog at that I mentioned in the previous post for the image she took at the TFN event and her latest pics and hopefully will post up some of my own photos soon!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

TFN Event...with Fiona McIntosh

Dress: River Island   Dress (underneath): H&M   Boots: Topshop   Bag: H! by Henry Holland

Been looking forward to this event for a couple of weeks after the invite came through from The Fashion Network (check out their Facebook page, here, for more events!). It was an intimate gathering, to listen to Fiona McIntosh, once editor of Company and Grazia magazine and consultant with It was interesting to listen to her views on print and digital media, how the e-commerce and fashion magazine worlds are blurring and what her professional highlights/achievements have been. I must admit, as an avid reader of Grazia, that felt a bit star struck when, in the Harvey Nichols bar, after the talk she was sat on the table next to us. Managed to pluck up the courage to say hello and how much I enjoyed the talk...then ran away quickly!!!

Although it was quite a moment to meet Fiona it was also a great night to see and find out about new people and emerging talent. Got photographed by photographer Melanie Grunshaw, who was interesting to talk to about the work she has done and how she managed to end up at some of the London Fashion week shows. Check out her blog I also spoke to Laura Bartlett, the editor for Urban Coco, a once online magazine based in Leeds that she has now taken to print all through her own determination and hard work, quite inspiring! Check out the website

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Walking through the...haze

Dress: Dee V at   Shoes: Primark   Watch: Urban Outfitters

Well as you probably remember from the previous post, (not that I've been harping on about it much!!!) I have recently managed to get my Diane Vickers dress altered from wayyyy back in November when I purchased it! When I was back in Brighton in February Mum and I went down to the tiny little village of Rottingdean (beautiful place, worth visiting for little walk round the gardens of Rudyard Kipling's house) where, nestled in a tiny building by the pond, is the workshop of Elif Kose who works on alterations, repairs and her own garments - was wearing a lovely pencil skirt when we saw her from some vintage fabric.

Elif first worked on my sisters wedding dress, here, and I wish I had the same skills as her seeing as how she has managed to make my dress fit without a trace of alteration, I'm sure no mean feat with all the netting and side zip etc! Anyways would thoroughly recommend her services if you need anything doing, check out her contact details at, along with the sweetest picture of her workshop! Oh I miss Brighton in the sunshine :(  

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Scarf: H&M   Bag: H&M   Love ring: Topshop   Purse: Topshop   Tea ring: Gift   Jacket: River Island   Earrings: H&M

Just a quick post today as wanted to share some detailed photos from our walk out today along the canal, was subconsciously going for a love/heart theme today with the rings and earrings and the shoes you can't see which I love, from Topshop, here. The scarf have been wearing wayyy too much recently but while it's not quite warm enough yet it's a nice weight for the in-between weather! 

Will be posting up some pictures soon of my Diane Vickers dress that I got way back in Novemeber, here, but was much to big despite being a size 10! Have just this week got it sent back to me from Brighton as I took it down recently to get altered by Elif Kose, (see contact details here) who did a fantastic job on my sisters wedding dress and has now made this dress fit like a glove too, many thanks to her! More details and post to follow so keep checking out for it!

Thursday, 8 March 2012 the middle

Jacket: River Island   Dress: Topshop   Under dress: H&M   Boots: Primark   Necklace: Topshop   Belt: Primark   Bag: H! by Henry Holland

This dress is actually a beach cover up from Topshop that I like wearing with an under dress as due to massive splits up each side I like it when the wind catches it and makes it fly about like the top picture. In the winter worn with big boots and a biker cover up and in summer with some chunky platforms, like these here or here from Kurt Geiger and an arm cuff...or two!

Who managed to get their Marni for H&M bits today?!!! After the Versace collection decided that the internet would just be useless so did go into a store to have a look today. Not quite the crack of dawn as some did but even by the time I got there everything had already gone! Not that I can blame anyone, am lusting after the pyjama style shirt and shorts in this set, here, and the dresses and sandals, here, in this one. Well all of it really, here's hoping for a round two!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Dress: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania   Boots: Manchester Market   Necklace: Primark
Second image: Selection of jewellery from H&M, here.
Fourth image: Selection of jewellery from River Island, here.

This dress was one of my last purchases of 2011, (along with the beautiful gold boots from Irregular Choice, here) and I love the way it falls with the slit neckline that falls lower just behind the left shoulder and the different hem lines and the ruched middle on one side that makes it gather and gives that slouchy relaxed look to it. Also the longer sleeves (do love a longer sleeve as you may recall, need to stop holding onto them in pictures though!) only thing is it creases like anything! Have, kind of stereotypically, put with army boots here but could be dressed up with some very simple sandals, like the Celine ones, here, and a clutch. 

I have weeks of particularly looking at certain items more than anything else, like shoes, bags and this week it's been jewellery. Was kind of kicked off when I saw in Miss Selfridge this ear cuff, here, that have started to become a bigger thing after appearing in catwalk shows like Marchesa last year and partly due to my horoscope saying 'check out spring jewellery, it will cheer you up!" - yes, yes it did! Been having a look around the rest of their section at some of the more unusual items like body chains, leg chains, hand chains are all quite different. Check out Miss Selfridge jewellery section, here, which currently has 25% off online.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lost in...wonderland

Jacket: River Island   Jumper: H&M   Trousers: Primark   Boots: Topshop   Ring: Topshop   Snood: Primark   Bracelets: H&M   Watch: Urban Outfitters

Ok so I must admit when I woke up this morning and the sister said we were meeting friends for lunch at a garden centre I did think "dear me, how old have we gotten?" but I wasn't quite prepared for where we ended up this afternoon. Once through the gravel and puddle car park it was like stepping into a strange other little world, scattered with random ornaments, antiques, constructions and the odd old Blackpool illumination!

Willow Pool Garden Centre and Tea Rooms are the weirdest and most random place I have been for a while but full of interesting places for pictures so we did take a few as we were walking round. The tea rooms themselves are basically in like a wooden shed dressed up with Christmas lights and branches across the ceiling and decorated with stone cherubs and chandeliers! I thought as we were heading to a garden centre would break out the florals but due to the chill this tapestry H&M jumper was just right. I have tried to pull back the brightness on the pictures as the trousers are more coral than pink they look in these so work better with the jumper, also want in mint! Will post some more photos from the day to my facebook page, here, soon so you can see the randomness.