Thursday, 29 November 2012 wear

And for the evening...

Top outfit - Jumper: Primark   Skirt: H&M   Boots: New Look   Hat: New Look   Necklace: Topshop
Bottom outfit - Shirt: Primark   Skirt: H&M   Boots: Primark   Watch: Urban Outfitters   Bag: Primark

Have been trying to think of different ways to wear some items, remember did before in this post earlier in the year, here. This leather skirt was one that could transfer from day to night. Loooove the spike boots as a bit more of an edgier feel but could equally wear in the day with some Converse.

Surprised you can't see my breath in the pictures, is so friggin' cold today. Shall post up some photos at later point of the jumper I am now snuggled in! Been packing up some clothes for our move and found it at back of wardrobe, obviously stored and never found again since last winter!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Little bit shine

Jumper: Primark   Shirt: Topshop   Trousers: H&M   Trainers: Converse   Jacket: Primark   Bangle: River Island   Bag: H&M

Have been seriously neglecting the blog this month, have so many ideas and things to show but other things seem to keep getting in the way. Not all bad, though have been fighting off this horrid cold, mentioned in previous post, for bout three weeks now. Eventually caved and doctored it so should hopefully be on the mend now! Also last week finished work project and then got promotion so have been bit crazy finishing off and starting new bits there and this week have just sorted out new flat - am already planning how to decorate before it's all even been finalised!

Today has been spent running round sorting bits for that, grabbing bits for Christmas and, if you have seen Twitter/Facebook feed, ogling the many beautiful doughnuts at Krispy Kreme! (A box of them may have found its way home with us). So many shiny things in stores right now, getting ready for those Christmas outfits, shall do a few favourites soon. You know me and shiny things...can't stay away for long!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Jumper: Primark   Trousers (with belt): Primark   Hand chain: Urban Outfitters   Cross ring: Topshop   Horse shoe bracelet: River Island

Last week have been fighting my own nightmare man flu (aka the common cold!!!), hence the photos inside and the insane love for this cosy jumper. It's just too cold! Didn't really think it through too, taking photos of cream jumper on cream background. So when playing around trying to make the background darker was just messing about with the paint tool and gave this effect. Very simple but I kinda liked it.

No one can not deny the rise of the hand chain, this one is from Urban Outfitters I got last year, would advise to get one with an adjustable ring though coz this one keeps falling off! On the path to recovery now so will venture back into the outside world eventually, do promise!