Thursday, 20 September 2012


Jumper: Primark   Trousers: H&M   Trainers: River Island   Sunglasses: H&M   Watch: River Island   Gold stack rings: H&M   Star sign rings: H&M   Bangle: River Island

I had to hunt down this jumper when the cartoon trend exploded for this season, goes with more items being in black but liking to detail on the sleeves and length at the back. You still see a lot of the Phillip Lim version around at the moment, available still at Selfridges, here, along with his "Break-Up" bag in the Pop Art style - shop that and the rest of the collection at net-a-porter, here.

The sister and I were having great fun running around by our house taking these, think the neighbours were wondering what was going on, and there are some more additional images posted on my Facebook page, here. Literally just as I finished uploading them this link popped up, here, from the Company magazine page on statement knits. Am liking the speech bubble type one from River Island, but it's definitely time to get a bit more cosy!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Jeans (DIY ripped): Primark   Jumper: Primark   Shoes: Zara

Enjoying the last little bit of pre-autumn/winter sun in these DIY ripped jeans (can't lie that it was great fun to pull them apart when you are in a certain mood!), but did have to layer with a chunky knit for a bit of warmth!!! So we are in the midst of fashion month, think that the Topshop Unique show that I posted on Facebook has so far been my favourite, as a whole show. Simple but beautiful, and already wanting a white suit. Watch it again, here.

If you have seen on my Twitter feed, here, I was also very glad to come home to this lovely whopper of a Grazia magazine which has given a good overview of the fashion weeks so far, the new trends emerging and some more DIY tips for your own looks that are quite simple to follow. And I absolutely love the fashion spread 'Drama Queens', photographed by Benjamin Kaufmann, every image in it was gorgeous and makes me want to work on a period drama set!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Time...for tea

Jumper: Primark   Skirt: Topshop Boutique   Boots: Bank   Collar: Primark

Headed out for lunch the other day, just expecting to get a sandwich and ended up having a full blown afternoon tea! Our family has a bit of a craze on afternoon teas/cream teas as we always used to go to Cornwall every year when we were younger and the sis kept it up with her wedding theme last year. The sun and rain couldn't decide who was going to win all day today so went for a bigger knit with a smaller skirt for a bit of balance. You can't really see but the knit has side splits and is even longer at the back, which was why didn't tuck it in. 

Need to play bit more with colour, am tending to stick to grey a bit too much at the moment but did see in Grazia this week the new accessories collection from Anna Dello Russo for H&M, which could be a really good way to punctuate an outfit with some colour. Check out some pieces here, not so sure bout the thigh high boots but am loving the animal pieces and the bright statement earrings. Also liking the quote, 'Accessories are like vitamins to fashion — as such, you should use them liberally.'

Sunday, 9 September 2012 wear

For the day (above) and then for night below)

Dress: Topshop 

First outfit - Bag: H&M   Necklace: New Look   Boots: Bank   Bracelets: River Island

Second outfit - Bag: H&M   Sunglasses: H&M   Jacket: Primark   Trainers: Converse   Rope bracelet: H&M   Bracelets: River Island   Leaf ring:  Primark   Cross ring: Topshop

Bought this dress the other day as I did actually want something that could transcend between night and day, so thought something in this 3/4 length would work well. When saw this nice jersey one with the shoulder spike detail it was sold instantly. You will have to have been living under a rock if you haven't seen this type of embellishment appear all over the high street recently, on bags, jumpers, and even trainers.

Shall try to do few more like this, as there are lots of basic items that can be styled in lots of different ways. I do find myself looking at something one week, thinking it'll be great for a certain occasion, and then just not seeing it the next. Same for everyone I suppose!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Top: Primark   Trousers: H&M   Bag: H&M   Shoes: Primark   Necklace: New Look   Watch: Urban Outfitters

I hunted down these trousers after seeing a similar styled image on Lookbook a few months ago, the girl who styled it had added a cropped leather jacket that looked really good. I'm thinking also would work with a chunky knit jumper with rolled up sleeves. The massive pyjama style do make me think a bit of clown trousers but they are so soft I don't care!

If you have never ventured onto Lookbook it's a great website for everyday street style images from various fashion lovers around the world. Updating constantly is a the place to go for inspiration and to check out other bloggers and websites. Gives a bit of an insight as to how many there are out there!!! Check out my page here