Sunday, 23 February 2014


Jacket (with collar added): River Island   T-shirt: Topshop   Skirt (with belt): Primark   Boots: Irregular Choice   Watch: River Island

Just a quick post featuring my outfit from last night, some will have seen on Facebook and Twitter already. Was taking some quick pics while dashing around before leaving, just when you loose random things like cards, keys, lipstick etc, the normal things you loose before you have to go out! This weekend has been a special one for one of my best friends, who is getting married later this year, and getting all her bridesmaids together for some time in Manchester. Am very lucky to class her as one of my greatest friends and to know this amazing set of girls, who will do absolutely anything for anyone (and who I thought were the loudest bunch of all until we went out to the restaurant Sat!).

I also loved this night for a chance to wear my gold booties out again! LOVE Irregular Choice (slightly biased as based in Brighton!) and am wanting to get some of these lovelies, here, for the hen do - theme of release your inner Gaga, Minaj, Perry - so these should go very well! As they put "Always be yourself. (Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn!)"

Friday, 21 February 2014


Beanie: Primark   Coat: Miss Selfridge   Jumper: Primark   Jeans: H&M   Sandals: Zara   Bag: Primark

Ok, so I can't lie, I down right stole this outfit idea from one of my favourite bloggers - Victoria from - after seeing this post, here, I thought "I love that look!" and have most of these things already. And now, thanks to the link from her post I now have the perfect shearling jacket as well! Love this over sized piece of warmness, (in the Miss Selfridge sale at half price!) seeing as they are still threatening snow it seemed like a good way to go! Love how Victoria funks up the look though with the sports jersey and lighter beanie!!!

Yesterday I also purchased some tickets for the Vogue festival 2014, which I was very excited about, until I realised I had bought them for a day when I already have plans! DOH! So if there is anyone out there that is interesting in buying them off me, I got them for the Fashion Legends talk with Naomi Campbell and Franca Sozzani at 6.30pm on Sun 30th March in the front stalls, please send me an e-mail, either that or if anyone has tickets for any of the talks on the Saturday (that I could go to!) let me know as well and could swap?! Damn my excitedness! Does look like an excellent event though, check out what's on and for tickets, here.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Jumper: Hand knit   Jeans: New Look   Scarf: Primark   Bag: Primark   Boots: River Island

As said in the previous post the recent trip to Brighton was a bit weather dependant! On the one nice day we ran out (to entertain the little 'un, here) but it was still rather chilly. Me being me didn't really pack anything practical so it was good luck that the parents were turning out their bedroom to redo and Dad was getting rid of this yellow jumper above. Obviously oversized but like the baggy fit with the baggy jeans and then found out that my mum had actually hand knitted it for him back in the day! Well done on the knitting skills Mum!!! Really wanting this round bag, here, to have gone with it!

Have included some pics of one of my favourite places for food in Brighton, Bill's, a converted big warehouse it is like a half market and half restaurant, which in the summer can have the large front doors all open or just a little door in winter. Like the story behind it too, here.

Friday, 7 February 2014


Jumper: Topman   Trousers: Primark   Shoes: Primark   Bag: Primark   Watch: River Island

So the plan for this week was to have a nice week down in the hometown of Brighton, take lots of cool photos in lots of funky places but the reality is it has rained…A LOT! We managed to go out yesterday for lunch, that involved diving in and out quickly of a pub to avoid the crazy wind and painful rain and then decided after making it back to the car we were too wet and cold to try doing anything else!

Today we have actually had a lovely day though (hooray!), so made the most of it by taking the nephew out for a nice trip, (more of that to come at a later point), and then managed to dash about at the end of the evening, before the light faded to take some quick photos. Look came about after seeing a feature in Look Magazine about ways of wearing Mickey Mouse jumpers and like the way of teaming smarter trousers with a more casual top, equally vice versa as well! Will dig out the other images from it when get home.