Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Elif Köse…tailor/alterations

So when I was back home I went to see my favourite clothes alterers, Elif Köse! Also to have a sneaky look at her new shop that she has now opened, selling beautiful own made clothing from fabrics sourced abroad as well as little pieces of jewellery, scarves and scents. We first went to Elif with my sisters wedding dress, here, which she adjusted a fault in the bust effortlessly and so have since been back to alter this dress, here, and then again for this one, here, and now for my bridesmaids dress for this coming October…which will appear at some point I'm sure!

Elif (and her lovely mother) and so pleasantly charming and make you feel at complete ease along with offering better suggestions for how to alter garments if you're unsure and I love how she has now built up her business to this gorgeous shop! As we went in they were changing out a window display with the most GORGEOUS wedding dress, you can kind of see here on this page, (I am not a wedding dress type of person but was beautiful), all hand made! If you want to get in contact, here, is her Facebook page (website coming soon)! 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

To be…bold

Shirt: Primark   Sunglasses: H&M   Trousers: H&M   Plimsols: Office   Bag: Accessorize

Another one from back in the home town, apparently today it is still like the above sunshine whereas here it is gloomy gloomy :(. As I said in my previous post was definitely having a monochrome mood for the trip, which was bizarre considering how nice it actually was…a great time to break out some colour and florals, but no, I'll instead go for the black and leather look!

The plimsols I have hunted for ages since seeing a pair online at River Island that I went to get and had gone! Finally found these ones on the Office website, here, and after quite a few weeks finally got them through so had to take them with me too! Find similar ones, here, and, here.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Where…to be

Vest: Primark   White vest (worn underneath): H&M   Trousers: H&M   Trainers: River Island   Sunglasses: Primark   Bag: Primark   Watch: River Island

Can I go back now please?!!!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Little bit of…home

Tee: Primark   Jeans: H&M   Trainers: River Island   Scarf: Ebay   Necklace: Topshop   Watch: River Island

So am back in Manc Land after a little jaunt to Brighton earlier this week, thought would be a good time to get some different scenery and do some different photos only to leave behind my laptop charger behind (it was all out of juice to begin with too!) and wasn't able to do anything! Grrrr!!! Having said that has been good to have a bit of a computer detox, you forget how much they take over things!

I loved being back around some greenery again, wasn't particularly dressed for it, but still loved it! Was shouting at mum to get some cows into the pics! Must say am also having a particularly black and white mood atm, like the cows, thought had packed quite a bit for Brighton but mostly ended up being black trousers and white tops! Oh well, if it works...