Thursday, 26 April 2012

Walk in...the clouds

Shirt: Topshop   Shorts: Primark   Shoes: Marni x H&M   Bracelet: H&M   Watch: River Island   Ring: Topshop   Bikini: New Look

Oooo I do love this shirt, just the cut/style/length of it, at the moment liking it dressed down but could dress up a bit and tuck the front into some tailored cropped trousers with some court type shoes. This was taken on the roof of our hotel on holiday, doesn't do justice to the view we had. You could see all the way out to sea and to the high mountains behind us that, at this time, were covered in what looked like rain clouds so you couldn't see the top of them.

Finally managed to break out the Marni for H&M shoes (think they took up half of the baggage weight allowance!) and although making me the same height as the bf and sounding a bit like I was wearing clogs due to the wooden sole, they were super comfy to wear. Miss it being warm enough to wear shorts :(

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Back from...the getaway

First image - Jumper: Topshop   Dress: Primark   Sandals: New Look   Bag: H&M   Scarf: H&M
Third image - Dress: H&M   Shoes: River Island   Necklace: H&M   Belt: Primark
Fifth image - Dress (with belt): Primark   Sandals: Primark  

So if some of you have seen my Twitter or Facebook feeds you will already be aware I have been a bit absent as late due a little last minute vacationing! The thought of having a week not doing very much at all seemed very appealing so the boyfriend and I headed down to the Canary Islands for as much sun as we could get in and to spend time in as many shoes as I could pack (seriously whole suitcase just for think I'm joking check out Twitter here!). Despite the wind being a little bit evil and taking away my beautiful H&M scarf, (seen before here), before I had even realised and me going a little bit crazy that any kind of internet (or any part of my phone for that matter) had ceased to work we had a very pleasant week of lounging and doing pretty much naff all. 

This was to be a bit of a refresher and with the hope to come back and be all action stations but unfortunately have come back to bit of sad news so may be a bit absent on the posting front again over the next couple of weeks. However there are some images to share from the holiday so do keep checking in and shall try to keep better at updating the before mentioned Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Zara...shoe collection

Images from:

You know a couple of posts ago, here, I commented on a lust for the simple black sandals from Zara, well I have now decided I want the entire shoe collection after browsing online! Above are a few of my favourites, try clicking on the images in the shoe section on the website to see more details, like the chunky buckles on the T bar sandals or the small silver spike studs on the court shoes (also seen recently on white sweater at Topshop, here). All the above ranging from £29.99 - £69.99 I am finding it hard to resist purchasing all of them!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

To be on the...riviera

Dress (worn as top): H&M   Skirt: Primark   Ballet shoes: Topshop   Bag: H! by Henry Holland   Belt: Primark   Watch: River Island

Ohhhh we so nearly got a glimpse of summer before the clouds came back and they are now talking about snow?! For the bit of in between warm weather I like to wear this dress as a breton style top and matched with the white ballet pumps that have little heart shapes cut out all over it, (see from when purchased here). Also thought that could wear as a more preppy look with some Converse and a crop denim jacket, or glam it up a bit more like Dree Hemingway, here.

Have only got a week left till we head off for some sunshine so need to start thinking about the holiday wardrobe, (could take the week to pack, repack and then pack again!). I quite like when you just have a smaller capsule wardrobe to work with and create different looks with the same things but it's getting it down to those few pieces that cause the heart ache before! Shall post up some image on Facebook and Twitter this week and you can let me know what you think. So far definitely coming the above sunglasses and Marni platforms, here. Now what next...

Monday, 2 April 2012

Keeping out the...chill

Jumper: Primark   Skirt: Topshop   Sandals: H&M   Bug ring: Topshop   Leaf ring: Primark   Bag: H! by Henry Holland   Sunglasses: H&M

Managed to get out the other day, (inbetween reaching for tissues!), just to have a wander round the Media City at Salford Quays. The building in the backdrop is the Imperial War Museum, which is quite obscure in its shape and metal covering but I still rather like! You sometimes don't appreciate the architecture around you where you live but, obviously, Manchester has some great and varied areas to explore. We've had to start making a list of places we still want to explore even though have lived up here for a while now! Shall share at later point!

The outfit today is a bit of a mish mash but seeing as everyone is on the clashing print craze, thought why not clashing textures, with the knit and the skirt. I love the colours and print to the skirt, it's hard to explain what it is of but it's kind of like bright floral/insect/skeletal print. Reminds me of Matthew Williamson prints, particular like items he did for his collaboration with H&M, here. Decided to wear equally bright sandals from H&M but outfit could also work with some of the popular flatforms, like these here or here.