Thursday, 26 April 2012

Walk in...the clouds

Shirt: Topshop   Shorts: Primark   Shoes: Marni x H&M   Bracelet: H&M   Watch: River Island   Ring: Topshop   Bikini: New Look

Oooo I do love this shirt, just the cut/style/length of it, at the moment liking it dressed down but could dress up a bit and tuck the front into some tailored cropped trousers with some court type shoes. This was taken on the roof of our hotel on holiday, doesn't do justice to the view we had. You could see all the way out to sea and to the high mountains behind us that, at this time, were covered in what looked like rain clouds so you couldn't see the top of them.

Finally managed to break out the Marni for H&M shoes (think they took up half of the baggage weight allowance!) and although making me the same height as the bf and sounding a bit like I was wearing clogs due to the wooden sole, they were super comfy to wear. Miss it being warm enough to wear shorts :(

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