Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Make you...roar

Vest: Topshop   Jeans: Primark (DIY cut offs)   Trainers: River Island   Sunglasses: Primark   Belt: Primark   Rope bracelet: H&M   Bead bracelets: Topshop

Bit of a change to the soft and elegant dress of the previous post!!! Have few more images from Ibiza to share, these were taken just before going to the Ibiza Rocks hotel to see Tinie Tempah perform, (as said in a previous post, closed toed footwear is definitely the way forward!). Never underestimate the greatness of a Primark "sale", these sunglasses were a pound and the best things could've had for hol, stood out, not fussed if got damaged and ultimately not bothered when the bf eventually stole them! Oh to be back in a climate when it is still warm enough to wear this once the sun has gone down! 

I don't know if it necessarily kicked off from this outfit but seem to be drawn to all things animal print at the moment. Not just like the repetitive patterns of little dogs on jumpers but like the obscenely oversized images, for example I think I am going to have to hunt down this tee, here, from River Island's mens section and the wolf jumper, here, that I'm sure I saw in the mens, not just the boys, section. Both to be worn oversized with shorts or skater skirt and ankle boots. On the tiger theme also seen this dress, here, from Topshop. Equally to be worn in a more dressed down way with denim, or plaid, shirt and scuffed ankle boots.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Penhaligon' event

Dress: Primark

As said in the previous post, at the end of last week I attended a small gathering in Harvey Nichols personal shopping department for the launch of their new Peoneve fragrance, a scent that is trying to capture 'an English garden in summer'. This is to be complimented with the Peoneve Collins cocktail, a blend of William's gin and bespoke tea flavours, all mixed in the traditional glass bottles (see above, there was a bit of daring as to who could finish off the larger one!). These will be available at the Harvey Nichols bar up to 31st August.

Fragrance has never really been something I have thought too much about, generally you smell a smell you like and wear it as a perfume, but talking to the Penhaligon's specialists as they describe what goes into each scent made me pick up on things you don't think about and what to wear for different occasions, if you want to be calm, if you want to be noticed when entering the room or have something memorable when you leave it! Going through the fragrance profiling (think they got bit sick of me as couldn't make up my mind on what I liked best, sampled most of the two tables of perfumes), I was determined as fitting an elegant, jasmine based scent, that is soft, subtle and has lasting impact...not too sure if that is entirely accurate to me but was definitely a lovely smell!

Friday, 24 August 2012 the park

Dress: River Island   Sandals: Zara   Bracelet: H&M

Took some other photos previously when I did this post, here, as thought this dress would work really well with the Zara sandals (still my favourite purchase of the summer, as I'm sure they are for many from the amount of images I have seen with them!). The look reminded me of a similar one, here, from Matthew Williamson. Just maybe not in such a glamourous setting as theirs!!!

Got some photos to work on from an event last night at Harvey Nichols, spent the evening  sipping bellini's and scented cocktails in their personal shopping area, decorated with gorgeous peonies and equally delicious macaroons, whilst sampling the latest fragrance from Penhaligon's, Peoneve. Their lovely staff also completed a fragrance profile to see which one of their many titles would suit you best, mine was Eau Sans Pareil, a blend of bergamot, jasmine and many other scents that you don't realise until they are pointed out to you. Did spend rest of evening looking a bit strange constantly smelling my wrist but definitely not too bad for a Thursday night! 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Sunglasses: H&M

'Love ring': Miss Selfridge   Cross ring: Topshop

Just few quick diary images from the week just gone in Ibiza. Didn't get images from all week due to the incident with my camera (mentioned in previous post) but have got some more images from the night at Ibiza Rocks to post still. 

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Dress (with belt): Primark   Sunglasses: Primark   Rope bracelet: H&M   Cross ring: Topshop   'Love' ring: Miss Selfridge   Sandals: New Look

So am back on British soil and, although I have missed home, I wanna go back already!!! Been a lovely week over on the island of Ibiza this week (though the first day didn't start too promisingly with rain!). We have chilled and partied and almost went into panic mode when thought had ruined my pretty camera by leaking cider all over it but luckily the photos were retrievable, juries still out on whether the camera will recover! Shall do a diary post a bit later in the week.

However things I have learnt from trip to Ibiza this time are, 1) close toed shoes at Ibiza Rocks are definitely the answer (took my black hi tops, more pics to follow, and could quite happily bounce around to Tinie Tempah unlike last time when wearing sandals meant I couldn't walk for the rest of the week. 2) I thought my DIY denim cutoffs were a little on the short side but this years trend seemed to be the high waist and much ass showing style of short that, I think, I am just bit too old for! 3) don't carry an expensive camera in the same bag as a cider can (see above). And finally, 4) Sunsets on that island never get dull, whether it's sitting at Cafe Mambo watching the fire entertainer or the bubble making guy (shall put up image on Facebook later), or lounging on the large sofas at our favourite bar, the Golden Buddha, I could watch them always!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Dress: Topshop   Jacket: Primark   Hat: New Look   Boots: Bank   Necklace: H&M   Bag: H&M   Watch: River Island

We have lived in the same place for getting on three years now and all this time we have never realised that just up the road and to the left was this cute little pub with a lovely terrace full of these iron garden chairs that overlooks a vast grass lawn, great place to relax in the summer, (course we are still waiting for that to happen!) but is nice to know it's there for when the day comes! 

Got back the dress from home this week, took it with me on the last trip to Brighton for the talented Elif to adjust (may have accidently bought it in a maternity version, so needed a bit of taking in!) and has come back fitting perfectly, as normal! The day I came back to Manchester she was holding a dress swap night that she said last time they were having to turn people away from, gutted to have missed it but there is another one in November I can hopefully get back for, check out her Facebook page, here, for further details and events. The boots you may have seen from my Facebook post, here, I am loving with the metal detail on the tip, just slightly wishing they were black, may have to look into trying to dye them. Hmmm....

Ahhh forgot to put the most important thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY big sis!!! Have a lovely day and enjoy your hol!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Through the...door

Dress: Primark   Bag: H&M   Sandals: New Look  Watch: Urban Outfitters   Bracelet: River Island

Went for a relaxed dinner the other night, when it was still warm, and wasn't really planning to take any photos when we came across this little road and pretty coloured wall of flowers, contrasted with the graffiti on the door that was hidden away. Can't wait till Ibiza when can wear flip flops ALL the time, though I am still planning to pack many many pairs of shoes still! I think the boyfriend has cottoned on to this, and the fact that he ends up carrying my suitcase, so has only booked one bag between us, this could be a challenge!

The above dress has a really nice cut to it and I like the little fake pockets and buttons at the front. Am actually quite looking forward to autumn, as seen a bit from the previous post, when can wear some opaque tights and some long black boots with it and some longer length coats. Noooo, should not be wishing away the summer (as it starts raining away outside)!