Monday, 30 January 2012


Hat: New Look   Jumper: Topshop   Jeans: New Look   Bag: H&M   Watch: River Island   Brown bands: H&M   'L' bracelet: Gift

It is getting warmer, it has to be, again out without a coat today but keeping the head warm with my trusty trilby! This is outfit is probably my go to when am not sure what to wear, comfy jeans and jumper (or t-shirt) with a print, I like this western style horse print mainly as I really like horses. Speaking of which whilst on our shopping trip today saw these A-MAZ-ING jeans, here, from Topshop. Or if a bit too much maybe the shorts, here?! Close friends will tell you I have a certain thing for anything with an animal, literally, printed on garments rather than just the pattern of animal print.

Am having a thing for thin bracelets at the moment and really like these cord ones I found in H&M after I got the 'L' one as a gift for Christmas, the band is so thin I can't even describe and is still plaited up, reminds me of friendship bracelets when we were younger. These also remind me of the Kurt Geiger style ones, here, and, here.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Primark...Spring/Summer 2012

All images from:, here.

OK the latest spring/summer range from Primark is definitely out to test my resolve not to buy stuff! I mean look at those wedge sandals in the last image, very similar to Celine wedges, seen here at, with their clear plastic straps. WANT WANT WANT! Have been dropping some serious hints, not sure how well they've been taken - the raised eyebrows say a lot!

I like little details in this range that makes it appear more high end, like the back cross over on the second dress or the matching colours on the button row and collar tips of the third shirt, beautiful. The use of the pastel trousers and sheer blouses with accents of different colours so is not so over powering as some brighter combinations. Also the mix of these trousers with some the printed blouses, particularly the spot one then mixed with the snake print courts gives the print clash trend, again, with not being over the top.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Air...and elegance

Top: New Look   Skirt:   Boots: New Look   Bag: Primark   Cocktail ring: Primark   Pointed ring: Topshop

Absolutely LOVE this skirt, ironically as it came from, it is still long enough for me so it drapes to the floor, even with heels and is weighty enough so is still warm (even in this weather!) and the colour is a lovely kind of rose gold and goes with the sheer top here. Thought would stick to a more natural palette with the outfit but a hint of print with the animal boots, see my black versions, here.

Have also this week added my entry onto the Company Magazine with River Island Casting Call, here, where the readers get to feature in the May issue and they choose a selection of entrants including one who receives the most 'likes' via Facebook so if you like the looks please go through and vote on the site, here, or take part yourself! I do love fashion magazines, I collect all kinds of them and I am now banned from having them in the bedroom anymore as a shelf of Vogues once collapsed and scared the bf like anything (he says it was from the amount on there, I say from his shoddy DIY skills!). Company is a nice one (particularly with its new size/style) for street style and public interpretation of trends. Good luck if you go for it!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Against...the wall

Jumper: New Look   Jeans: Red Herring   Boots: Primark   Bag: Primark   Tiger ring: River Island

Some more images from one of the days last week when we were doing a little bit of     shopping and exploring, it is becoming slightly more mild so with a few crafty layers got away without wearing a coat and just this super soft jumper from New Look featured, here, before. I love the long line of the hem and the sleeves to it.

The boots I shot right at the beginning of starting my blog, here, ahh long hair how I miss you sometimes, like today when it is sticking up at all angles and I can't do anything with it. Arghhhh!!! Anyway I digress, will update my challenge photos soon, just need to upload some photos, so far going so well, although around the 12th did comment that I was almost through January before the date was actually pointed out! Oh well...

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Sunglasses: H&M   Blazer: Primark   Top: H&M   Watch: River Island   Jeans: Red Herring   Boots: Topshop   Ring: River Island   Bag: Primark

Still is unbelievably cold at the moment but with glorious sunshine, so in an attempt to feel warmer cracked out the sunglasses! Though you can just about see the few layers concealed under the top, which I like due to its dipped hem at the front and back. 

The Topshop boots look at lot brighter when you catch them in the right light and like the Irregular Choice boots in the previous post are comfy to walk in with the thicker heels to them. In summer will pair with a bright skirt like this, here, in the popular calf length or similar flower print dress like this, here.

Friday, 13 January 2012


Scarf: Miss Selfridge   Dress: Primark   Tights: Primark   Boots: Irregular Choice   Cocktail ring: Primark

Still sooooo in love with my gold Irregular Choice boots, I love the clear and patterned heels that also make them comfortable to walk in due to them being a bit thicker. Wore them into town the other day to do a bit of non shopping. As the shoes are so bold in themselves teamed with black dress and tights and a patterned scarf that also had black and gold coloured detail in it, I think it was from Miss Selfridge but did get it a couple of years ok now.

Gold shoes are definitely having a moment, if I was able to buy some I would definitely want to get in the brogue style like these, here, here from Topshop or these very popular Zara ones, here, first saw on If prefer to get some high heeled style ones check out these, here, at River Island or these, here, from Kurt Geiger.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

H&M...Spring 2012

H&M: Spring Season 2012 Catalogue

Just because I can't shop doesn't mean I can't look!!! Love the blocks of colour, like the stripe dress with the pink picked up in the shoes, or the green ballet pumps that match the stripe in the clutch bag. I like the simple shapes to the t-shirts and masculine tailoring on the jackets and coats. Once it gets a bit brighter want to try out some brighter colours, like the pink jacket - I bought the trousers that go with it at the end of the year, would put with a loose t-shirt and these shoes, here. Check out more photos on my facebook page, here.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Let there be...a little rain

Coat: Primark   Jumper: New Look   Jeans: Red Herring   Boots: Primark   Belt: Primark   Bag: H&M

Have had a day off with the boyfriend so decided to go and explore a park that we found not long ago and the gardens around a great building, of course this being England the heavens opened as we were having a wander! Was mostly lots of fields and country lanes but on the way out we came across this lovely waterfall that was hidden in some woodland. Like to find the unexpected.

Check out the challenge page, here, that has some daily outfits on. Trying to get a wear out of everything I have and finally today wore my Topshop velvet boots, here, which are comfy and not too high so always think will end up wearing and always end up in something else! That and try to avoid wearing in the rain, which in Manchester is kind of impossible!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Not so...steady

Jacket: River Island   Fur collar: New Look   Jumpers: Primark   Jeans: Topshop   Socks: Primark   Boots: Primark   Hat: New Look   Snood: Primark   Bag: Primark

You'll have seen this outfit from my challenge page for this year but here are some more photos from our trip ice skating over New Years, in the very picturesque setting in front of The Royal Pavillion in Brighton. Was a beautiful place to do some skating, or in my case sliding/being pulled along the ice! Luckily about 5 minutes after getting off the ice it chucked it down and didn't look quite so pretty.

I was wrapped up in many layers and making good use of some fluffy Christmas socks (I think from Primark) with a shorter jacket to be able to move in, though the sister looked like a pro in her skater coat (again Primark, I think!) and Mantaray hat. The boyfriend didn't have a choice for being in pictures, mainly due to the fact if he let go I would have fallen over! A lot!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy...(rather late) New Year!

Dress: Peacocks   Hair net: Primark   Socks: Primark   Boots: New Look   Bracelets: Gifts   Ring: Miss Selfridge

Ok so this is a bit behind the times but Happy New Year to everyone! As have had a few days off over New Year rather than Christmas we spent the time back home in Brighton with my family, the brothers family and the brother-in-laws family having lots of laughs, good times and few cramped meals round the table! The sister and myself broke out the dresses and sparklers for the occasion, whilst the others just broke out more drink instead!

So has anyone got any good new years resolutions? Mine has been inspired from an article I was reading in the latest Company magazine, on a blogger called Vicky Sowerby at, who throughout the whole of 2011 has not bought any new clothes but instead used and reworked the items she already owns for the year and donated the money she saved doing this to charity, specifically Oldham Cancer Support Centre. 

I thought this was a fantastic idea and a great way of making a donation to charity (as she put in the article I am not about to run a marathon or anything like that!) so this is my challange for the year and will donate money saved onto various charities, when fully decided will post on here if anyone would like to support too. This will also help me get back to why I set up the blog in the first place, to actually show the items I already own and never wear. So do you think I can make it for 365 days?....

Check out Vicky's  blog at the above link and if you feel inspired to donate to her charity visit her Just Giving page, here