Saturday, 28 January 2012

Primark...Spring/Summer 2012

All images from:, here.

OK the latest spring/summer range from Primark is definitely out to test my resolve not to buy stuff! I mean look at those wedge sandals in the last image, very similar to Celine wedges, seen here at, with their clear plastic straps. WANT WANT WANT! Have been dropping some serious hints, not sure how well they've been taken - the raised eyebrows say a lot!

I like little details in this range that makes it appear more high end, like the back cross over on the second dress or the matching colours on the button row and collar tips of the third shirt, beautiful. The use of the pastel trousers and sheer blouses with accents of different colours so is not so over powering as some brighter combinations. Also the mix of these trousers with some the printed blouses, particularly the spot one then mixed with the snake print courts gives the print clash trend, again, with not being over the top.

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