Sunday, 27 October 2013


Jumper: H&M   Necklace: Topshop
Sometimes there are days when it's just good to be inside and cosy, watching the rain and dark outside, today is definitely one of those days! And this is one of my ultimate lazy day jumpers, oversized, warm,  (a steal at just £9.99!) and slouchy neck. Good for just chilling on the couch and watching random stuff on TV.

Can't get through a day without a cuppa too! Have in one of my favourite mugs (everyone has a favourite!) for the Manchester Christmas Markets last year, scary to think they're nearly here again. Just reminds me of good times and equally tasty drinks that were originally in it! Apologises for random size of photos too, still need to get a proper art programme on new laptop but keep spending money for it on new clothes instead...ooops!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Vogue...Fashion Night Out

So last weeks highlight was going to the Vogue Fashion Night Out, held for the first time in Manchester. I did walk around a bit in a daze as there were so many people that you talk/read about just right there!!! Like Bip Ling DJing and having a bit of a chat in the Ugg store, Sophia Webster and the boys from Made In Chelsea in Harvey Nics customising FNO t-shirts and various Vogue editors in random stores giving advice. 

There was loads going on, random fashion shows, advice and set up stands for hair and beauty tips...the only thing am bit gutted is that missed Matthew Williamson in Flannels. I have got my FNO t-shirt customised by the team from Jealous Print Studio London with a design by Jacky Tsai, just loved the skull design. Thought would go well with the skirt I bought after seeing the girls in River Island above! Love it!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

So it...starts

Jumper: H&M   Jeans: H&M   Shoes: Zara   Bag: Primark   Sunglasses: H&M

Well it's definitely Autumn, love this time of year and all the colours that come out. It's that time in between jackets and big coats...must go coat hunting! Was randomly looking around H&M the other day and saw this jumper in their sale, was one I'd seen on the website ages ago! I love the design and colours on it and couldn't find it again when I went to buy it, like when you find something like that.

Tonight in Manchester there is going to be the Vogue Fashion Night Out and have been looking at some of the events going on, looks very exciting. Check out some of the events going on, here. Not sure what to do first!