Friday, 30 September 2011

Time for some...sunshine

Sunglasses: H&M   Top: Primark   Shorts: New Look   Peep toe shoes: H&M   Necklace: H&M   Bag: H&M

Has been the most beautiful day today and jobs that I needed to do have fallen behind just to have some time sat in the sunshine, who'd have thought it was the last day of September! Didn't feel quite right going out in shorts but thought should make the most of it. The top attracted me with the cut out detail and pattern on it, would love to be able to use something like a laser cutter for top designs.

The peep toes I bought when looking for some plain black ones, these caught my eye due to the net fabric flowers and embellishments, and they are so soft and comfy! Of course everyone else is out today so been doing some DIY photos of my outfit today, really need to invest in a tripod. Check out more photos from my relaxing day, here, on Facebook and, here, on Twitter.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Boots...made for walking

Top photo: selection of boots
Second photo: Red boots - Primark
Third photo: Black boots - Primark
Fourth photo: Blue velvet boots - Topshop
Last photo: Red velvet shoes - Topshop

Seem to be making a small collection of lace up shoe boots recently. It all started ages ago, here, when I saw these red velvet boots on the Topshop website. I have never been able to find them in the shops and they disappeared of line so eventually bought the blue ones above. One of my favourite bloggers at wore the outfit I liked but in different colours, here, think she can pull it off better!

So I got some cheaper red boots from Primark and then what do I find but the red ones I wanted in the first place in Manchester town centre!!! Grrrr! However after much deliberation and deciding to keep the blue Topshop boots have then seen today the above red velvet shoes...hmmm, time for trip into town me thinks!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Only the world

T-shirt: Topman   Jeans: Soul Cal for Republic   Boots: New Look   Watch: River Island   Sunglasses: H&M

Remember a while ago I posted that had got these new boots, here, and that thought would look good with some bright denim. Have finally found some ones I really like, mostly because of the amount of colours they came in, was hard to choose but thought the bright green contrasted well against the leopard print. Also seen in stores and quite wanted the deep purple and pink, check out the collection online, here.

First saw the t-shirt on a male friend who wore it with a relaxed suit style jacket and immediately liked the image, not just because I have quite a big girl crush on Rihanna, but the pose, the bright colour of the hair and lips makes it quite an iconic image...another t-shirt to add to my Topman collection!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Topshop Unique...AW11

Top photo: City Devore Mini Dress - £150
Second photo: Fan Print Jumpsuit - £130
Third photo: New York Deco Style Silk Shirt - £120 
Fourth photo: Devore City Maxi Dress - £195
Last photo: Stripe Twist Dress - £160

How much do I want all of the new pieces from the Topshop Unique AW11 range?!!! I absolutely love the top dress with city detail cut out of the velvet fabric. Aaah want to get them all right now! Also love these Mary Jane shoes, here, and the evening coat with the faux fur cuffs, here. I also wasn't quite so sure about the dalmation print trend but I think these shorts, here, have now changed my opinion! Check out how the collection came about, here, always find the process interesting.

The 1930s inspiration really works with the cut and length of the dresses and shirts. It's a little bit later but I also saw a link on one of my friends profiles to some early 1940s colour photographs from New York that I thought were beautiful too, here.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Soft...focus and knit

Jumper: Topshop   Skirt: Primark   Necklace: Hannah Makes Things   Bra (just seen): H&M

Was having a bit of a cosy day at home the other day, the need for a warm jumper was a must. I like the slash neck to this style and the turn ups on the sleeves. The skirt has a pretty print to it and I like that it's denser towards the bottom and spreads out as it gets higher.

The necklace is a great shape and depicts a little scene of deers, trees and mountains. I found it online after seeing in a magazine but was very pleased to find that Hannah Makes Things had a stand based in Afflecks Palace in Manchester, a great place for some great finds. Check out the website, here, for some great, unique jewellery pieces. 

Saturday, 10 September 2011 the trees

Top photo - top line l-r: Oasis, Primark, H&M   bottom line l-r: Primark, Primark, House of Holland
Second photo - River Island
Third photo - As before
Fourth photo - River Island
Last photo - As before

After looking at the Longchamp advert (if you not watched it, check it out, here) have been going through my bag collection, (not quite as sophisticated but still love them all!), and finding some I had forgotten I had. The fluorescent and satchel bags have been seen recently and the ones with the longer straps on I must say I use the most. 

The second photo (River Island bag) my sister got me for last Christmas and I love the obvious stitching, embellishment and the various colour panels. The white bum-bag (also a River Island find) everyone laughed at me for buying and, to be fair, if someone else said they were going to get one I probably would've too but I really like the triangular studs on it (also liked this one, here, but had sold out when went to get) and have found it particularly good to use in Ibiza, when you don't really want to carry a bag with you. 

Friday, 9 September 2011

Going to the zoo...zoo

Jumper: Topshop   Jeans: Red Herring   Boots: George   Bag: Primark  'L' necklace: Accessorize   Jacket: River Island   Watch: Urban Outfitters

I really didn't intentionally wear a tiger on a trip to the zoo, honest, but they are my favourite animals to see, one day hopefully we can do on proper safari! The jumper, from last winter, is covered in loads of square sequins to make up the tiger face and originally I wanted the jumper in the brown version they did, as that was more dramatic, but they were all sold out within a week. I still like the pink with darker denim though.

We actually went to the zoo to see the baby cheetah cubs, which were undeniably cute. Shall add some photos into the gallery soon. Also today have seen the new Longchamp advert through Rumi Neely's blog, here, and really like how you can select the different routes though Paris. Have added the video, here.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Warm...and cold

Jumper: Primark   Treggings: Topshop   Boots: George  Leather jacket: River Island   Bag: Primark

Have been fighting a cold on and off for the last week and today it has come back with a vengeance! Hence the chunky knit today even though we're only just into September, and a little why I look like I want to be back under a duvet too! When there's a little less rain am looking forward to wearing the knit with some large flare jeans or, in even more seventies style, with the trousers I bought this week, here. Tempted to go the whole way and get the hat, here, for the complete look.

The pirate boots have had for years and the little heel makes them easier to wear, I like how they have weathered and now look a bit distressed. The bold bag in contrast comes in a variety of colours, this being my favourite, check out the other colours, here

Thursday, 1 September 2011

New shoes...ooooooo

T-shirt: Topman   Jeans: New Look   Boots: New Look   Sunglasses: H&M   Belt: H&M

Have had the most frustrating day with technology today, tempted to go find a hammer with it all at the moment! But am cheered up by new hair do and new boots! Look at the pretty leopard print! Wow that's a lot of exclamation marks but I am very pleased with both.
The boots I bought in black, here, but then saw the leopard print version today (on way to getting hair cut) and had to have them. Not too high and I like that they fit nicely round the ankle, just took some quick photos today but they could look really good with some bright denim jeans, perhaps in a green or red. 

My t-shirt from Topman says "to the disco!" and is another from around the same time as this, here, when I was having a Topman t-shirt obsession. Finally the hair cut, thanks to the lovely Danielle, is a bit of a kick back now the wedding is over. She has cut it short to longer at the front in a longer bob style and am really pleased with it! Yay (and boo to stupid technology)! Check out more photos on Facebook page.