Saturday, 10 September 2011 the trees

Top photo - top line l-r: Oasis, Primark, H&M   bottom line l-r: Primark, Primark, House of Holland
Second photo - River Island
Third photo - As before
Fourth photo - River Island
Last photo - As before

After looking at the Longchamp advert (if you not watched it, check it out, here) have been going through my bag collection, (not quite as sophisticated but still love them all!), and finding some I had forgotten I had. The fluorescent and satchel bags have been seen recently and the ones with the longer straps on I must say I use the most. 

The second photo (River Island bag) my sister got me for last Christmas and I love the obvious stitching, embellishment and the various colour panels. The white bum-bag (also a River Island find) everyone laughed at me for buying and, to be fair, if someone else said they were going to get one I probably would've too but I really like the triangular studs on it (also liked this one, here, but had sold out when went to get) and have found it particularly good to use in Ibiza, when you don't really want to carry a bag with you. 

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