Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Boots...made for walking

Top photo: selection of boots
Second photo: Red boots - Primark
Third photo: Black boots - Primark
Fourth photo: Blue velvet boots - Topshop
Last photo: Red velvet shoes - Topshop

Seem to be making a small collection of lace up shoe boots recently. It all started ages ago, here, when I saw these red velvet boots on the Topshop website. I have never been able to find them in the shops and they disappeared of line so eventually bought the blue ones above. One of my favourite bloggers at wore the outfit I liked but in different colours, here, think she can pull it off better!

So I got some cheaper red boots from Primark and then what do I find but the red ones I wanted in the first place in Manchester town centre!!! Grrrr! However after much deliberation and deciding to keep the blue Topshop boots have then seen today the above red velvet shoes...hmmm, time for trip into town me thinks!

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