Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New York...instagram

And a few shots from Instagram from the hol!!!

New York...diary

First outfit - Dress: Zara   Boots: Topshop   Snood: Primark   Sunglasses: H&M
Second outfit - Sunglasses: Primark   Scarf: H&M   Jacket: River Island 

Ok so some of you MAY have seen me mention before bout my recent trip to New York and have got some images from that trip for this post. Unfortunately didn't take many outfit images, mainly as I learnt from the first day that comfy was the way to go as we did soooooo much walking around, and as I spent most of the time with my camera just looking upwards, (and then having some near misses with lamp posts etc!)

I think my favourite bits were walking down Mulberry Street with its little fashion shops and cool bars mixed inbetween, in that area we came across a great Elie Tahari sample sale where my friend found a great longer length waistcoat and some beautiful silk dresses. I also love the hustle and bustle of Times Square, just the lights, the scale and the sheer amount of people made me quite excited, and as you can't really forget where you are there! It was also a holiday of sunglasses, New Yorkers seem to wear them everywhere (even when on the Tube, sorry Subway!) so we each had about four pairs each. My favourites were ones I found on the day before my trip in Primark with the mix of purple and green in but I saw in Look this week these gold ones, here, that I wish I'd had!!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Me - Jacket: Primark   Dress: Primark   Trainers: River Island   Scarf: H&M   Watch: River Island   Necklace (worn as bracelet): Orelia 
Dave - Jacket: Primark   Top: Gap   Jeans: Superdry   Trainers: Adidas

A rare post to show the boyfriend today, not sure he'll appear again, think he much prefers being behind the camera! I must say mens fashion (and shopping) really doesn't excite me most of the time, although interestingly mens style womens clothes are great to look at, I don't know what it is?!!!!! But a couple of people commented on his look today and as we were messing about a bit together early in some photos friends were taking thought he would work quite well in a post...he does have his uses! 

His jacket has some great stitching and detailing on and he said was a quite close to a Superdry one he'd seen and I like the slightly distressed style to it. My trainers, from River Island, were ones purchased for my New York trip (diary post to follow soon) for something comfy to walk round in and was instantly attracted to the pattern, so glad I had them though as we did sooooo much walking! I did look at these ones, here, too and like these, here, also.

Friday, 12 April 2013

New York...inspiration

First image:
Second image: can't find link atm!
Third image:
Fourth image:
Fifth image:

Ok guys so am going to be away from here for about a week now as am now heading to our friends wedding and then next week am jetting over to New York! Eeeeee! Could get used to this jetting around! The above were a few images I found when looking for New York fashion inspiration whilst packing, not to say I could recreate a Cara Delevinge look but just to see how they are doing this type of weather.

Most of the images seem to show lots of cool layering, and considering I only have limited clothes to take this is something to think about! Shall be trying to keep photos coming via Instagram, here, and Twitter, here, so keep posted on where am at on these and shall probably have lots of photos on return! See you soon!!!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

First dress: Primark
Second dress: Beloved
Third dress: Primark

So have been rubbish and absent from here and the computer this week, although the days are longer don't seem to have seen daylight for a week! Have been running round trying to make sure all is done and everything is packed for next week....eeeeeee! Has been a week of things happening as well! Have reached over 100 likes on my Facebook page, here, so a big thank you to all the kind viewers and messages, it is unbelievably appreciated. Have had orders on the shop, here, again very very appreciated and some lovely feedback from people viewing the blog. So overall just a big all round THANK YOU to everyone reading!

The above dresses are my choices for one of my great friends wedding that we are heading to over the weekend. I thought I was all sorted and chosen which one to wear but on a trip to find a pair of shoes for it I came across the first dress and had to get it! And now I don't know which one to go with!!!! The first has a beautiful print and is bit more spring like, the second has gorgeous detail and is longer length and the third is a lovely colour and like the longer sleeves so HELP dear viewer...any thoughts/preferences?! 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Shirt: Primark   Jeans: H&M   Trainers: Converse   Sunglasses: H&M

Last week saw this shirt, here, in Topshop when one of the assistants was wearing it, was very tempted but thought best keep money for holiday. Today saw this blue version in Primark and couldn't help myself with the price. Love the print, colour and dip hem to the back. Like it loose for a more casual look but tried it to see what was like when tucked in too.

Added last photo more for my amusement as the bf was taking photos and gave me this pretty little flower, just makes me chuckle as in this I look so unamused! Really wasn't the case...was very pretty! The little leaf necklace was a gift but from Orelia, stocked in Topshop but actually based in my home town of Brighton. Check out the silver version on their blog, here.

Monday, 1 April 2013


In the absence of some outfit photos have been playing with some of my old and new Instagram photos. It's not something I have properly taken advantage of really with the blog, (hence why most of the photos so far are fixated on food rather than fashion!), but I want to look at different ways of creating bits for the blog and this seemed like a good (albeit slightly delayed) way to do it! Check out my Instagram feed here, or search for wishiwore on the site. Hopefully shall link up a tab button next.

This week have so far been trying to pack for a friends wedding we have coming soon, have a beautiful dress that I saw in an edition of Grazia early this year from Beloved but am struggling to decide which shoes to go with, think have finally decided on the above Kurt Geiger ones but my final decision usually comes with six more changes after!