Friday, 12 April 2013

New York...inspiration

First image:
Second image: can't find link atm!
Third image:
Fourth image:
Fifth image:

Ok guys so am going to be away from here for about a week now as am now heading to our friends wedding and then next week am jetting over to New York! Eeeeee! Could get used to this jetting around! The above were a few images I found when looking for New York fashion inspiration whilst packing, not to say I could recreate a Cara Delevinge look but just to see how they are doing this type of weather.

Most of the images seem to show lots of cool layering, and considering I only have limited clothes to take this is something to think about! Shall be trying to keep photos coming via Instagram, here, and Twitter, here, so keep posted on where am at on these and shall probably have lots of photos on return! See you soon!!!

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