Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Jacket: River Island   Trousers: H&M   Scarf: H&M   Trainers: River Island   Bag: Zara   Sunglasses: H&M

Day five in the baby waiting house...and still no sign! So I went shopping in the vain hope that if I stayed away from the sister for most of the day I might get a panicked phone call, rather than sitting round and staring at her all day, unfortunately no such luck! Got a rather excellent black and white jumper from H&M sale though that goes very well with the latest monochrome trend.

Am not the greatest experimenter with colour anyway but must say I felt rather comfortable in this all black outfit to contrast with my neon H&M scarf. Have seen today in Look magazine that this sort of colour, well any neon actually, is having a big moment mixed with leopard print, may have to break out my leopard boots, here, again! Check out some more of the last items in H&M sale, here, especially thinking their neon knit items before they go.

Monday, 28 January 2013


Top: Vintage at Urban Outfitters   Jeans: H&M   Boots: Primark   Jacket: River Island

Had to do a few quick photos to post up a find we had yesterday. Went shopping with the bestie who said she'd seen some great bargins in a little section upstairs in Urban Outfitters and had found some wonderful vintage gems. On having a search I found the above silk top with the gorgeous embellishment. She found a full length cream dress, again with sequin embellishment all over, for ten pounds (even the shop assistant was a bit taken aback by the price!). Both a little old fashioned but hers could be dressed down with a fedora and scuffed boots - shall have to get her to take some photos of it soon.

The top has a lovely dip at the front and back hemline and did have to rip out the rather massive shoulder pads but other than that a great find to go with some basic jeans or I thought, in some warmer weather, with some black shorts and tan sandals. We did just walk out the store yesterday in a state of disbelief after finding them, until we had to go buy a toilet seat, which bought us back to reality a bit!!!

Saturday, 26 January 2013


 Coat: H&M   Jumper: H&M   Trousers: H&M   Boots: New Look   Necklace: River Island   Scarf: Primark

So I am now on holiday this week and spending it entertaining and keeping the sister and family busy. It's actually more of a struggle than first thought as you have to think of things where you don't go far, doesn't take a long time and she doesn't get worn out - you know incase it brings on very sudden labour!!! 

Today we took a bit of a walk round the park near our new flat, which we haven't really explored too much, only to come across this outside gym which I think is a great idea (well in the sunshine it would have been, not so much in the snow!). Also this is possibly the closest I will ever get to the new years resolutions had absolutely nothing to do with joining one!

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Jacket: River Island   Snood: Primark   Boots: New Look   Dress: Primark   Hand chain: Topshop 

This is probably the quickest I have had photos taken for the blog, was literally like run outside, snap, snap, snap, run back in and put some trousers on! Was actually typing this as it started to snow too. The bf was very excited that it may mean a snow day but unfortunately it didn't happen and he didn't get to go sledging as he'd planned! :(.

Was drawn to this dress pattern instantly and with the slightly quilted feel wanted it even more so. Actually took these before going out in the last post, hence why the same boots, but they are surprisingly grippy in the ice! Still not managed to get the Topshop ones yet...keep checking, and checking again!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Jumper: Topshop   Necklace: Topshop   Jeans: H&M   Boots: New Look   Jacket: River Island   Ring: Topshop

Went out today to entertain pregnant sister, (not long left, exciting, but she's getting increasingly grumpy!), and to hunt down some boots from Topshop that I finally decided to buy online and they were then, of course, out of stock! Had some lovely service and nearly got tempted with some others but stuck to wanting the ones I've seen, here, as they reminded me of being very similar to the Balenciaga ones, here.

That's not to say I didn't come away with no boots whatsoever! Did find some that I have been hunting for a while that got reduced in the sale that thought had similar style to some Stella McCartney ones, here. As said before do love it when you come across something unexpected. Will post up some pics of soon, love them! Sister also got some shoes, here. Start with this baby as we mean to go on!!! 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Lucy Liu...I love you

Image from:

By far my favourite dress of the Golden Globes this year...Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera. It is just nice to see something a bit more unique on the red carpet. I know the cut is quite traditional but the print is just a beautiful change to the norm, some people saying it should belong as wallpaper but I love it! Simple accessories and a relaxed sort of hair style just make it stand out even more...though does do well to match to the foliage behind her!!! Anyways enough swooning, pretty pretty dress! 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Top image: River Island
Second image: Topshop

Just a quick post to show the jewellery bits I found the other day, that I mentioned in the previous post, here. Some of it sale, some of it not, and there a couple more bits to show in future post that were an absolute bargin!!!! Am glad I found the red bead hand chain in sale as was wanting that long before and could never find one small enough...little fingers are a curse sometimes!

Last year, (still can't get used to saying that) was definitely the year of the hand chain/harness, whatever you called it, but this year I sense may be the year of the midi ring. I saw a lovely set in Topshop the other day that I ummed and ahhed about as wasn't sure if would really wear them so bought a little owl one to try...think I may now return for others!

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Hat: New Look   Jumper: Primark   Necklace: Topshop   Jeans: Zara   Boots: Bank   Bag: Zara

I adored these jeans ever since I saw them on one of my favourite bloggers, Andy Torres, site, and got them ages ago but never wear them enough! I also want to wear, when it's a bit warmer, with loose white top and my bordeaux sling backs, also from Zara, here

So new year and trying to be a bit more organised, bit more careful with what I buy (post to follow regarding a selection of jewelry purchases may not back this up!) and generally try stick to what I know suits me and works well, in terms of outfits and looks. Having said that am going for hair cut this week and not sure whether to get them to cut back in my side fringe, like here, and get it chopped into a long bob, like when they did it, here, or just let my hair keeping growing out? Which do we think?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Jumper: Primark   Jeans: H&M   Courts: Topshop   Bag: H&M   Bracelets: Topshop   Belt: Primark

Well firstly Happy New Year to all!!! Hope New Year celebrations were good and fun for everyone! Woke up this morning to the most glorious sunshine filtering through the blinds and thought this was a great start to the year, course when we went out to go take some photos the rain starts! Hence indoor photos in the new flat. Accidently, but gladly, showing off Christmas presents of my Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty book and issue of Herself magazine, love them both and keep picking each up alternatively as am not sure which to look at first!

We spent our New Year with friends going round some random places in Manchester city centre before heading to the town hall for some great fireworks and because the bestie had to ensure we took part in the mass 'Gangnam Style' dance to get into the record books. I have no idea if they did break a world record but I do know I haven't been able to stop singing that silly song since!!! Resolutions wise...ummm...nothing major just try and think more carefully bout what I buy and post bit more regularly on here. Thanks to all that have followed this year and do hope the new one brings much joy!