Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year...joy

Jumper: Primark   Jeans: H&M   Courts: Topshop   Bag: H&M   Bracelets: Topshop   Belt: Primark

Well firstly Happy New Year to all!!! Hope New Year celebrations were good and fun for everyone! Woke up this morning to the most glorious sunshine filtering through the blinds and thought this was a great start to the year, course when we went out to go take some photos the rain starts! Hence indoor photos in the new flat. Accidently, but gladly, showing off Christmas presents of my Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty book and issue of Herself magazine, love them both and keep picking each up alternatively as am not sure which to look at first!

We spent our New Year with friends going round some random places in Manchester city centre before heading to the town hall for some great fireworks and because the bestie had to ensure we took part in the mass 'Gangnam Style' dance to get into the record books. I have no idea if they did break a world record but I do know I haven't been able to stop singing that silly song since!!! Resolutions wise...ummm...nothing major just try and think more carefully bout what I buy and post bit more regularly on here. Thanks to all that have followed this year and do hope the new one brings much joy!

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