Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ways to…wear

 Above for day and then for night…

Dress: Topshop   Hat: Gift   Boots: Primark   Shoes: Zara

Some might have seen a couple of weeks ago when I had a bit of a shopping frenzy in Topshop and bought ALL kinds of pretty things. This simple black and white dress was one of them, and actually the thing I originally went for (get way too tempted way too easily!). 

Have kinda done with the lipstick but could also add a bit of a colour pop with something like a clutch bag or some bold shoes. Am sticking to my Rimmel lip balm for now, really loving the colour! 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Feel the…love

Jumper: Primark   Jeans: H&M   Boots: River Island   Bag: House of Holland 

Had a very chilled weekend last weekend, spending time with the family, took these just heading out for brunch. What you can't see, rather obviously, is the really croaky voice I had going on. So much so that the grocers where I bought some flowers gave me a free orange for a bit of vitamin C!!! Lovely man!

Check out my Facebook page, here, for how I looked directly after having these taken and for also who decided to photo bomb one of my photos!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Dress: Topshop   Bag: Accessorize   Boots: Primark

SUN IS OUT! After this I am going outside while I can! Starting to shed some of the jumpers and getting more into the spring dresses (admittedly with a bit of layering underneath!) and boots right now. This tea dress from Topshop a couple of years ago and love the print on it. Thought to toughen up a bit with some chunky boots and the see through bag.

Right time to maybe go buy some more sunglasses!!!

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Dress: Primark   Scarf: Primark   Belt: H&M   Bag: New Look   Boots: Primark   Sunglasses: H&M
So this time last week we were enjoying a stroll round in the sunshine, this week I am curled up a duvet with the sniffles! I miss last week!!! This look was very much inspired by my favourite show from London Fashion Week this season, the Burberry Prorsum show. I just loved the variety of colours, hand painted motifs, the shapes and the longer line dresses/coats but with belted in waists and splits to show off a bit of leg! Check out a couple of the looks below (photos from

As said before have got a couple of tickets to the Vogue Festival talks that I now can't unfortunately go to so have put them up on seat wave, here, if anyone is interested? Ooo also up on the Best of Streetstyle Facebook page for style of the week, here, so get voting if you like the look! :) I also have to say that these photos are care of the helpful brother-in-law, he's quite good ya know, even if it pains me to say so!!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

In a…cage

Jumper: Glamourous   Skort: Zara   Shoes: New Look

Been thinking of ways to wear my new cage shoes, (seen here from my recent New Look haul!), this was one of my favourites. With last years blogger staple, the Zara skort, that there are now loads of variations popping up already this year ready for spring, like this tartan one, here, from Boohoo and this sequin number from MissGuided, here.

Getting into the red lips much more recently and this colour balm from Rimmel is great at lasting and not drying them out. I never thought I particularly suited bold make up shades but this one has a lovely tone to it. This is The Redder The Better but I must go back and get some different ones!

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Dress: Topshop   Boots: Topshop

OK, so I succumbed and got the Topshop dress that I tried on the other day (you might have seen on Facebook or Twitter). Today has been one of the warmest days so far this year so seemed like a good time to break it out! At the moment made a bit tougher with chunky ankle boots, in summer to wear with some flat tan sandals or some textured slip on plimsols, a la Allison at Love You, Mean It blog, here, or for the night with some OTK socks like Grace, here at Dorothy and Olive.

You will see from future posts that am definitely having a bot of a black and white craze atm, like the above dress and a quite basic two tone dress also from Top shop. Photos to come! It may be seen as boring but such a classic combo and can be done in soooo many ways! 

Friday, 7 March 2014

New Look…haul

Instagram is such a dangerous place! Well it is to me this week! Saw New Look's pic about remaining sale items (which included two of the three above items!) and had to have a little look. Like the structure, colour and texture of the bag. Like the sheer over the top factor of the bracelet and the shoes were £8! Need I say more! 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Coat: Miss Selfridge   Jumper: H&M   Jeans: H&M   Shoes: Primark   Bag: Primark   Necklace: River Island

Sometimes some things just don't change…gotta do what you need to to get on with things!