Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Feeling...the cold

Jacket: River Island   Jumper: H&M   Leggings: Primark   Boots: New Look   Beanie: H&M   Bag: House of Holland   Necklace: H&M   Fur collar: New Look

When did it become winter?!!! I am not liking this whole getting up in the cold thing! Went out for some food with the family today to one of our favourite places nearby, The Willow Pool Tea Rooms, I have mentioned before in a post, here, as it is one of the strangest places I have been. I have just realised from finding that old post that I am wearing exactly the same jumper that time too, so much for 'wish i wore...', more like 'what i wore...last time'!

What's everyone got planned for Halloween then? Am seeing lots of funky fashion features on websites. I really like on of my favourite bloggers site her collection of Halloween images she does each year, here, from the Cherry Blossom Girls blog. Must admit I do tend to get more excited about fireworks night next week though. 

Friday, 26 October 2012


Jumper: H&M   Dress (worn as skirt): Primark   Boots: New Look   Jacket: Primark   Snood: H&M   Necklace: H&M   Watch: River Island

Am finally back home and, although still working on this other project, am not travelling round the country for most of the week...at the moment! So nice to be back in familiar surroundings but it's that time of year where everything is changing. People may scoff at me but I do find this time of the year one of the most beautiful for colours, the drive I have to work at the moment goes down one of those long roads where you pass every colour of leaf you could imagine and it is gorgeous. The above is not that example but us running round under an aerial extreme course, trying not to get hit by people zip wiring from up high!

The dress is one of those reasons I started this blog, it is an item I have had for years but due to the fact the straps are a bit bizarre and the top half doesn't quite fit as I would like I have NEVER worn it but, as I absolutely love the digital/abstract print, could not bring myself to throw it out. When the trend came round again I was glad to have kept it and suddenly didn't know why I hadn't thought to wear it under an oversized jumper?!  

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

First image: Duvet Coat, £179.99; black/silver mirrorball leggings, £29.99; beige Perspex wedges, £149.99
Second image: Black oversized dress £69.99; black glove bag £79.99; brown Perspex wedge high boots £199.99
Third image: Open-up trouser skirt £59.99; glove purse £29.99; circle shirt £49.99
Fourth image: Red fold-up dress £99.99; keyring Necklace £34.99; brown Perspex wedge high boots £199.99
Fifth image: Navy fold-up skirt £59.99; cream oversized pullover £79.99; keyring necklace £34.99; beige Perspex wedges £149.99
Saw these images last night, via Vogue.co.uk, and just had to share them. The Maison Martin Margiela collection for H&M looks so exciting and ever since we visited the boutique in Paris I have had a bit of a fascination with the collections. To be honest it was the perspex wedges that caught me first and then the fold up dress and skirts that provide over sized, yet still elegant, silhouettes. I like that it has all the characteristics of a Maison Martin Margiela collection that you see on a catwalk with their masculine edge to some of the garments. 

I will always remember visiting the store, firstly due to the fact it took ages to find with its use of no logos, and then realising that it was an intentional thing as the fashion house uses anti-branding to keep a focus on its garments. Everything from the all white interiors and the store assistants in their lab coats to keep the focus on the collections in store and the various look books dotted around to browse. Check out more of the collection at the above link and it is due to hit stores on November 15th.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Be back...soon

As said in the previous post, this month have been having to travel away quite a lot with work so haven't been at home very much recently. And when I have been, it's usually been when no one else is around!!! What's more to go along with that technology is definitely NOT on my side. Camera has just had to be sent away to get fixed, phone is now deciding to do what it wants all by itself (mostly turn itself off when I really need my alarm to go off!), and have found that the hotels wi-fi works if you hold laptop in the furthest corner of the shower (not whilst it's on obv!). But as soon as the above is sorted shall be back with some more posts. In the meantime the above is a little taste of what I am lusting after at the moment, many of which are appearing on my Christmas list!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Away...for while

Top: Primark    Jeans: H&M   Trainers: Solestruck   Jacket: River Island   Watch: River Island   Bracelets: H&M   Bangles: River Island

Just a quick simple post today. For the next three or four weeks I may not be posting very much as am traveling away with work and, as lovely as the hotel is, I can not for the life of me get the Wi-fi to work! Promise when back to things in November have lots of ideas for posts, helped by recent fashion weeks and the explosion of Autumn/Winter collections on the high street.

The above photos actually look quite pleasant, truth is I was making the bf stand in the rain outside to take them! And as it was getting a bit darker, it really is getting into winter, boo sob! Worn today as spent most of it dashing about doing odd jobs, running backwards and forwards trying to get stuff done, before packing up for the next round of traveling. Still love these trainers, add a bit of something but are still super comfy.