Friday, 12 October 2012

Be back...soon

As said in the previous post, this month have been having to travel away quite a lot with work so haven't been at home very much recently. And when I have been, it's usually been when no one else is around!!! What's more to go along with that technology is definitely NOT on my side. Camera has just had to be sent away to get fixed, phone is now deciding to do what it wants all by itself (mostly turn itself off when I really need my alarm to go off!), and have found that the hotels wi-fi works if you hold laptop in the furthest corner of the shower (not whilst it's on obv!). But as soon as the above is sorted shall be back with some more posts. In the meantime the above is a little taste of what I am lusting after at the moment, many of which are appearing on my Christmas list!

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