Thursday, 18 October 2012

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

First image: Duvet Coat, £179.99; black/silver mirrorball leggings, £29.99; beige Perspex wedges, £149.99
Second image: Black oversized dress £69.99; black glove bag £79.99; brown Perspex wedge high boots £199.99
Third image: Open-up trouser skirt £59.99; glove purse £29.99; circle shirt £49.99
Fourth image: Red fold-up dress £99.99; keyring Necklace £34.99; brown Perspex wedge high boots £199.99
Fifth image: Navy fold-up skirt £59.99; cream oversized pullover £79.99; keyring necklace £34.99; beige Perspex wedges £149.99
Saw these images last night, via, and just had to share them. The Maison Martin Margiela collection for H&M looks so exciting and ever since we visited the boutique in Paris I have had a bit of a fascination with the collections. To be honest it was the perspex wedges that caught me first and then the fold up dress and skirts that provide over sized, yet still elegant, silhouettes. I like that it has all the characteristics of a Maison Martin Margiela collection that you see on a catwalk with their masculine edge to some of the garments. 

I will always remember visiting the store, firstly due to the fact it took ages to find with its use of no logos, and then realising that it was an intentional thing as the fashion house uses anti-branding to keep a focus on its garments. Everything from the all white interiors and the store assistants in their lab coats to keep the focus on the collections in store and the various look books dotted around to browse. Check out more of the collection at the above link and it is due to hit stores on November 15th.

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