Friday, 26 October 2012


Jumper: H&M   Dress (worn as skirt): Primark   Boots: New Look   Jacket: Primark   Snood: H&M   Necklace: H&M   Watch: River Island

Am finally back home and, although still working on this other project, am not travelling round the country for most of the the moment! So nice to be back in familiar surroundings but it's that time of year where everything is changing. People may scoff at me but I do find this time of the year one of the most beautiful for colours, the drive I have to work at the moment goes down one of those long roads where you pass every colour of leaf you could imagine and it is gorgeous. The above is not that example but us running round under an aerial extreme course, trying not to get hit by people zip wiring from up high!

The dress is one of those reasons I started this blog, it is an item I have had for years but due to the fact the straps are a bit bizarre and the top half doesn't quite fit as I would like I have NEVER worn it but, as I absolutely love the digital/abstract print, could not bring myself to throw it out. When the trend came round again I was glad to have kept it and suddenly didn't know why I hadn't thought to wear it under an oversized jumper?!  

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