Sunday, 31 August 2014

So…that's it!

Dress: Primark   Boots: Primark   Watch: River Island   Sunglasses: H&M

So that's it! Have done my august challenge of posting an outfit each day! Although I haven't been able to get to my actual laptop some days have managed to get up some photos in some way and has proven to myself that if I put my mind to it, I can do it! It was kind of a silly challenge for this but more of a way to push me into doing something, rather than just thinking 'oh I'll just do it tomorrow'! 

I have had some great responses and thanks to all for the likes/retweets/hypes from this, has meant a lot! Love getting feedback from people that have looked at the blog/pics so please keep leaving (not too harsh though please!!! haha). I also want to say a big thanks to my enduring mum and sister, who are the bods behind the camera, and willing to help every time I keep pestering them! And to the nephew, who is mainly the one making me smile in most of them! Lots of love to everyone and keep checking in for more photos soon! x

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Jumper: River Island   Skirt: Topshop   Shoes: Primark   Watch: River Island

Who wouldn't love a giant silver skirt and a jumper with your surname on?! Complete sucker for anything large and shiny! 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Day…twenty nine

T-shirt: Topshop   Skirt: Topshop   Shoes: Zara   Watch: River Island   Belt: Primark

Todays outfit - am glad wide belts are making a bit of a come back!

Day…twenty eight

Top: Topshop   Trousers: H&M   Shoes: Primark   Watch: River Island

Think my challenge for next month might be to stop wearing so much black, but it's so easy! So classic and so good to wear!

Day…twenty seven

T-shirt: Primark   Trousers: River Island   Shoes: Topshop   Watch: River Island

Ok am playing catch up with proper photos for the last few outfits so expect a few in a row! I think these are potentially my most favourite shoes - for comfiness and niceness - but never really wear them, something good from the challenge this month has meant have worn lot more of my heels!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Day…twenty six

Dress: Primark   Boots: Primark   Watch: River Island

Oh I really need to get out of the black and white at the moment, but not one to usually go for a girly dress and print I did like the simplicity of this one! Again a 3/4 sleeve is good for the change in season at the moment too!

Day…twenty five

Jumper: Primark   Skirt: LOVE   Trainers: Solestruck

Yesterday's big shoes, big skirt combo. What to wear when you wish it was still summer but it's actually quite chilly!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Day…twenty four

Jumper: H&M   Skirt: Primark   Boots: H&M Paris Collection   Necklace: River Island   Watch: River Island

Been waiting to break these boots out again! Think, unfortunately, the weather has now turned to that point! Like the previous post have been quite minimal today, the boots speak for themselves! Hope everyone's enjoying the bank holiday, some of us have to go to work tomorrow :( 

Day…twenty three

Dress: H&M   Scarf: H&M   Shoes: Primark   Watch: River Island   Necklace: Primark

Quick one from what I was wearing out last night, super simple but makes me feel so good!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Day…twenty two

Jumper: H&M   Necklace: Primark   Skirt: Topshop   Shoes: Primark

Going for a bit of a monochrome feel today, sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Day…twenty one

Shirt: Primark   Jeans: H&M   Necklace: Vintage

Chilled one today as just want to crash out right now! The necklace is actually one of my Nans, she had so much jewellery that I wanted to dress up in when I was a kid. This tassel one I remember her wearing all the time and has come back round again at the moment!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Shirt: Topshop   Jeans: Primark   Mules: Primark

So this is another blatant outfit steal, from one of my favourite bloggers, Sandra Hagelstam at See the image below! Mules are one of the weird trends that I never thought I'd buy into, like Birkenstocks and cleated sole shoes (just don't get it) but when saw these Primark ones that were so similar to her Gianvito Rossi ones that I had to get them, turns out they are ridiculously comfortable too!

Also found these jeans in Primark last week, have been thinking about getting some similar ones from Topshop, here, which you can get in a variety of tones but then these at a fraction of the price seemed like a better idea (particularly after this hectic month!)

Image from:


Dress: Primark   Necklace: Primark   Boots: Primark

Did a few quick photos from my outfit worn yesterday, added up photos on Instagram, here. Loving the cut out shoulders on this dress.