Sunday, 29 June 2014


Basic tee: Primark   Necklace: Primark   Jeans: H&M   Shoes: Zara

So am back from a week away with work to the interesting city of Birmingham! Check out the photos on my Facebook page, here, of some of the pretty, and sometimes rather bizarre, architecture! Can't say I had much time to stop and relax but when I got a chance took a few quick shots.

Going away again this week to Brighton and then to Liverpool the week after so might break these pretty shoes out again when we stay over for the night and head out on the town. They are so lovely I can't stop looking at them! First seen on one of my favourite bloggers, here, in red. But which do you prefer?

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Start to…run

So yet again I have been away for a while from the blog and I can't lie and say that it's because I haven't been around (though I am now heading away for three weeks!) or that work has been crazy busy (well no more crazy than normal!). To be honest it's been because have been on a bit of a downer with the blog recently. I have been thinking about whether to give up doing it, whether there really is a point as for the amount of time I have been doing it, it hasn't really grown as much as I would have hoped but then I have moments of clarity when I think 'it doesn't matter about all that, I started it because I wanted a way to show off my ideas, my style and the things that I like and I still want to do that'. As with a lot of bloggers I do it because it's my passion, I like thinking of different outfits/combinations (granted they might not be amazingly exciting but are unique to me), taking photos and thinking of where would be great places to take photos (again not that I end up using them most the time but I like to think that I might!) and telling the story of my days and my finds. The photos above go with this sort of idea, yesterday my friends and I took part in the ColorMeRad race in Manchester and, although not a massive race, it was something I REALLY wanted to do and am so glad I did. But, like with the blog, it's doing the stuff that we want to that makes us happy and we shouldn't be afraid to, or afraid of other peoples reactions. Yes, I might not get loads of comments for the stuff I post or followers on social media as I would like but I love the feedback that I do get and the knowledge that there are people looking at it and liking what I have done so far. So in that respect I encourage everyone to run with what they love and not worry about what others think, because in the end does it really matter?

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Jacket: River Island   Jumper: H&M   Skirt: Primark   Plimsols: Office   Necklace: Primark

This is some of the last photos from my recent trip to Brighton, taking down in Rudyard Kipling's gardens to his house in Rottingdean that is near our house. A gorgeous little place, (again never really appreciated when you live there), full of lovely paths and little archways to wander round!

The pink skirt is a nod to something new, am sooooo not a pink person (as you can probably tell from my many black/white and grey outfits!) but felt like a bit of a change, when warm enough will break out a slogan tee to go with it. The necklace, well that just describes how everything is right now! :)

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Life's…a beach

T-shirt: H&M (Mens)   Jeans: Primark (DIY ripped)   Sunglasses: Primark   Bracelet: H&M

Today has been a day to actually get on the beach, (unbelievable I know!!!) so packed up 5 adults, 2 babies, 2 cars and a ridiculous amount of bags just for one day trip to experience the above! As you've seen from my posts from Brighton it's one of the things I miss the most about home, being by the sea. Not that you take advantage of it when you are there!

I saw some jeans like this, here, in Topshop ages ago and thought, I have a pair of white jeans at home, (ironically never worn coz I thought they were too white!), why not do something to them and save myself like £40! Still get ripped (pun intended) about how much I have cut them but it breaks up the whiteness just right for me! And as long as you don't go cutting parts that actually show off some ass (I have seen this!) then who cares!