Sunday, 22 June 2014

Start to…run

So yet again I have been away for a while from the blog and I can't lie and say that it's because I haven't been around (though I am now heading away for three weeks!) or that work has been crazy busy (well no more crazy than normal!). To be honest it's been because have been on a bit of a downer with the blog recently. I have been thinking about whether to give up doing it, whether there really is a point as for the amount of time I have been doing it, it hasn't really grown as much as I would have hoped but then I have moments of clarity when I think 'it doesn't matter about all that, I started it because I wanted a way to show off my ideas, my style and the things that I like and I still want to do that'. As with a lot of bloggers I do it because it's my passion, I like thinking of different outfits/combinations (granted they might not be amazingly exciting but are unique to me), taking photos and thinking of where would be great places to take photos (again not that I end up using them most the time but I like to think that I might!) and telling the story of my days and my finds. The photos above go with this sort of idea, yesterday my friends and I took part in the ColorMeRad race in Manchester and, although not a massive race, it was something I REALLY wanted to do and am so glad I did. But, like with the blog, it's doing the stuff that we want to that makes us happy and we shouldn't be afraid to, or afraid of other peoples reactions. Yes, I might not get loads of comments for the stuff I post or followers on social media as I would like but I love the feedback that I do get and the knowledge that there are people looking at it and liking what I have done so far. So in that respect I encourage everyone to run with what they love and not worry about what others think, because in the end does it really matter?

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