Thursday, 26 January 2012

Air...and elegance

Top: New Look   Skirt:   Boots: New Look   Bag: Primark   Cocktail ring: Primark   Pointed ring: Topshop

Absolutely LOVE this skirt, ironically as it came from, it is still long enough for me so it drapes to the floor, even with heels and is weighty enough so is still warm (even in this weather!) and the colour is a lovely kind of rose gold and goes with the sheer top here. Thought would stick to a more natural palette with the outfit but a hint of print with the animal boots, see my black versions, here.

Have also this week added my entry onto the Company Magazine with River Island Casting Call, here, where the readers get to feature in the May issue and they choose a selection of entrants including one who receives the most 'likes' via Facebook so if you like the looks please go through and vote on the site, here, or take part yourself! I do love fashion magazines, I collect all kinds of them and I am now banned from having them in the bedroom anymore as a shelf of Vogues once collapsed and scared the bf like anything (he says it was from the amount on there, I say from his shoddy DIY skills!). Company is a nice one (particularly with its new size/style) for street style and public interpretation of trends. Good luck if you go for it!


  1. omg the skirt is perfect. love love it! check out my blog dear and maybe follow me if you like. :)

  2. Thanks Joanna! It is one of those skirts that just feels nice to wear, if you know what I mean! Very jealous of your leopard clutch, do rather want it! x