Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Penhaligon's...press event

Dress: Primark

As said in the previous post, at the end of last week I attended a small gathering in Harvey Nichols personal shopping department for the launch of their new Peoneve fragrance, a scent that is trying to capture 'an English garden in summer'. This is to be complimented with the Peoneve Collins cocktail, a blend of William's gin and bespoke tea flavours, all mixed in the traditional glass bottles (see above, there was a bit of daring as to who could finish off the larger one!). These will be available at the Harvey Nichols bar up to 31st August.

Fragrance has never really been something I have thought too much about, generally you smell a smell you like and wear it as a perfume, but talking to the Penhaligon's specialists as they describe what goes into each scent made me pick up on things you don't think about and what to wear for different occasions, if you want to be calm, if you want to be noticed when entering the room or have something memorable when you leave it! Going through the fragrance profiling (think they got bit sick of me as couldn't make up my mind on what I liked best, sampled most of the two tables of perfumes), I was determined as fitting an elegant, jasmine based scent, that is soft, subtle and has lasting impact...not too sure if that is entirely accurate to me but was definitely a lovely smell!

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