Sunday, 19 August 2012


Dress (with belt): Primark   Sunglasses: Primark   Rope bracelet: H&M   Cross ring: Topshop   'Love' ring: Miss Selfridge   Sandals: New Look

So am back on British soil and, although I have missed home, I wanna go back already!!! Been a lovely week over on the island of Ibiza this week (though the first day didn't start too promisingly with rain!). We have chilled and partied and almost went into panic mode when thought had ruined my pretty camera by leaking cider all over it but luckily the photos were retrievable, juries still out on whether the camera will recover! Shall do a diary post a bit later in the week.

However things I have learnt from trip to Ibiza this time are, 1) close toed shoes at Ibiza Rocks are definitely the answer (took my black hi tops, more pics to follow, and could quite happily bounce around to Tinie Tempah unlike last time when wearing sandals meant I couldn't walk for the rest of the week. 2) I thought my DIY denim cutoffs were a little on the short side but this years trend seemed to be the high waist and much ass showing style of short that, I think, I am just bit too old for! 3) don't carry an expensive camera in the same bag as a cider can (see above). And finally, 4) Sunsets on that island never get dull, whether it's sitting at Cafe Mambo watching the fire entertainer or the bubble making guy (shall put up image on Facebook later), or lounging on the large sofas at our favourite bar, the Golden Buddha, I could watch them always!

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