Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Jumper: Hand knit   Jeans: New Look   Scarf: Primark   Bag: Primark   Boots: River Island

As said in the previous post the recent trip to Brighton was a bit weather dependant! On the one nice day we ran out (to entertain the little 'un, here) but it was still rather chilly. Me being me didn't really pack anything practical so it was good luck that the parents were turning out their bedroom to redo and Dad was getting rid of this yellow jumper above. Obviously oversized but like the baggy fit with the baggy jeans and then found out that my mum had actually hand knitted it for him back in the day! Well done on the knitting skills Mum!!! Really wanting this round bag, here, to have gone with it!

Have included some pics of one of my favourite places for food in Brighton, Bill's, a converted big warehouse it is like a half market and half restaurant, which in the summer can have the large front doors all open or just a little door in winter. Like the story behind it too, here.

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