Friday, 7 February 2014


Jumper: Topman   Trousers: Primark   Shoes: Primark   Bag: Primark   Watch: River Island

So the plan for this week was to have a nice week down in the hometown of Brighton, take lots of cool photos in lots of funky places but the reality is it has rained…A LOT! We managed to go out yesterday for lunch, that involved diving in and out quickly of a pub to avoid the crazy wind and painful rain and then decided after making it back to the car we were too wet and cold to try doing anything else!

Today we have actually had a lovely day though (hooray!), so made the most of it by taking the nephew out for a nice trip, (more of that to come at a later point), and then managed to dash about at the end of the evening, before the light faded to take some quick photos. Look came about after seeing a feature in Look Magazine about ways of wearing Mickey Mouse jumpers and like the way of teaming smarter trousers with a more casual top, equally vice versa as well! Will dig out the other images from it when get home.

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