Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lost in...wonderland

Jacket: River Island   Jumper: H&M   Trousers: Primark   Boots: Topshop   Ring: Topshop   Snood: Primark   Bracelets: H&M   Watch: Urban Outfitters

Ok so I must admit when I woke up this morning and the sister said we were meeting friends for lunch at a garden centre I did think "dear me, how old have we gotten?" but I wasn't quite prepared for where we ended up this afternoon. Once through the gravel and puddle car park it was like stepping into a strange other little world, scattered with random ornaments, antiques, constructions and the odd old Blackpool illumination!

Willow Pool Garden Centre and Tea Rooms are the weirdest and most random place I have been for a while but full of interesting places for pictures so we did take a few as we were walking round. The tea rooms themselves are basically in like a wooden shed dressed up with Christmas lights and branches across the ceiling and decorated with stone cherubs and chandeliers! I thought as we were heading to a garden centre would break out the florals but due to the chill this tapestry H&M jumper was just right. I have tried to pull back the brightness on the pictures as the trousers are more coral than pink they look in these so work better with the jumper, also want in mint! Will post some more photos from the day to my facebook page, here, soon so you can see the randomness.

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