Friday, 30 March 2012

Wish I wore...this week

Top and second images: H&M
Third image: Zara
Fourth image: Topshop
Fifth image: Topshop

Sorry have been very slack on this posting front over the last week or so, am in the middle of a full onslaught of man flu and having days at the moment just of trying to muster up energy to move. Actually think it is full on flu as spent the last four days, whilst it's been the warmest it's been so far this year, sat in double layers of jumpers and extra long socks. Thought was just me being weird but the appearance of a nice rudolf nose now confirms the suspicions that illness was on its way!

Anyways sorry for the moan and the lack of photos, for the time being thought I would collate a few images of things I have been lusting after the past few weeks. At the moment, with the current obsession with bold prints and matching ensembles, I am very much after the above H&M flower print set, with the photographic print and change in colour, would wear the top and trousers with the simplistic sandals from Zara (a steal at just £29.99) and for added accessories could add the beaded collar from Topshop and the absolutely gorgeous tear drop shaped bag. Also check out Mel's blog at that I mentioned in the previous post for the image she took at the TFN event and her latest pics and hopefully will post up some of my own photos soon!

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