Wednesday, 29 February 2012

If the bubble...bursts

Shirt: Primark   Trousers: Topshop   Brogues: Primark   Ring: Primark   Clutch: Primark

I really like this large spot shirt, the size of the print makes it a bit different than the normal spotted shirt. Other version, here, at Mink Pink or in a t-shirt style, here, at Miss Selfridge or white dress, here, in the Boutique by Jaeger sale. Have toned it down and made it a slightly office style with black trousers and the brogues but could see it going nicely with some bright trousers, like these posted, here, before.

This envelope clutch is also another love, and fits a surprising amount in, but ALWAYS gets me when I open it as I want to open it the other way than it is in the picture and end up with contents all across the floor! Check out and their bag section, here, for some great envelope clutches in a variety of colours - loving all the pastel shades and metal detailing on some of them.

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