Monday, 27 February 2012

Oh no...I broke

Shirt: Topshop   Trousers: H&M   Boots: New Look   Watch: River Island   Bag: H&M   Scarf: H&M   Bands: H&M   Ring: Topshop   Bra (just seen): H&M

Feel little bit ashamed that I broke in my challenge not to buy new things but when I saw someone with this shirt on I had to find out where it was from and it started a bit of a spree that saw me getting the bag and scarf too with the view of wearing them all together. Damn the loose fit, sheer fabric and racer type back was just too darn tempting!!! 

The bag is similar to the Celine style shoppers, here, or Zara have other versions, here, or check out the other colours available from H&M, here. I thought the scarf looked really good tied round the bag with its contrasting colours and then when I got home to find the spring 2012 catalogue there was an image in there with the exact same colours/items (picture on twitter). I am going to try again through March not to spend anything on clothes and it has taught me that there are probably already things similar to new items I like in my wardrobe already when I actually bother to go through it, might have to get the sister to hold onto the bank card though, just incase!

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