Friday, 10 February 2012


Coat: H&M   Jumper: H&M   Jeans: Red Herring   Boots: New Look   Scarf: H&M   Watch: Urban Outfitters

Have literally just got back to Brighton as now off work on holiday this week and can't believe how much snow they still have, when I left Manchester we were just in typical rain! It is so bright and driving back into where we live over the hills that over look Brighton is so pretty with all the South Downs hills, will add some photos to the gallery soon.

The outfit was partly influenced by an image I saw in the latest Grazia issue of Blake Lively (though I know could never get close to touching how she looks, is it me or does that girl just look perfect ALL the time?!!!), was a casual look and she had a short leather jacket but I liked the idea of the patterned scarf against a plain black top and dug out my heeled army boots as seemed appropriate for the weather! Have added some more images to Facebook, here.

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