Sunday, 26 February 2012

The great...outdoors

Jumper: New Look   Jeans: Primark   Plimsols: Primark   Sunglasses: H&M   Bag: H! by Henry Holland

Just took a few shots the other day and wanted to add them, not so much for the outfit but due to how bright and colourful the day seemed. I know it's very cheesy but everything was just so clear and had that sort of spring time feeling where everything is coming into colour. We were heading out for lunch and decided to have a look around the local rock gardens beforehand, a place I must go back to for some more photos as you could get some lovely shots.

We only took a couple of pictures as we were walking through but what you can't see behind the camera in the first photo is the boyfriend and brother-in-law doing their own model style poses, which looked more like them doing some kind of bizarre yoga-esque work out! Was trying to keep away from adding black to the outfit today and I would like to wear these jeans with more pastel shades like the shirt worn on the 16/2, here, and try out some more formal pastel tailoring.   

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