Friday, 22 June 2012

To the...point

Jumper: H&M   Jeans: Primark   Shoes: Primark   Bag: H&M   Necklace: Vintage

Was having a little drink and stroll out the other day (before all this rain happened again!). Want to get back into wearing my heels a bit more day to day so tried to not go over the top and dress the look down a bit with an oversized jumper, wore a similar look, here, but with flats. The necklace is actually from my Nan, she has some great outfits and costume jewellery, and I love looking back at old videos and photos to see what she was wearing (a lot of it coming back around, as it does!) as she always looked so put together and pristine. She always has the phrase when going out somewhere that she has to 'go put my face on' that makes me smile.

Seeing as up so early on my day off might spend a little bit of time having a sale browse. The boyfriend is now telling me if I want another holiday I am not allowed to look! But how will I find what to wear whilst on holiday?!! Most have already started, a little frustrating being a week from payday! Shall post up any finds tomorrow. 


  1. Great outfit!!
    Love your haircolour.
    Have a great week.


    1. Thanks for the comment! Hair colour is Clairol Nice'n Easy Foam in Medium Reddish Brown, need to have something I can do at home as have to keep constantly covering the grey!!!

      Like the blog! Laura x

  2. love your bag!

    let's follow each other?

  3. Thanks! Like your last post about the Cinderella Louboutin's, want them!!!

    Followed now I have finally figured it all out! Laura x