Friday, 14 December 2012


Jacket: Primark   Jumper: Topshop   Trousers: H&M   Boots: Primark   Scarf: Gift   Bag: H&M   Hand chain: Topshop   Stack rings: Primark

Not got any new photos at the moment as this week we have moved into our new flat, very nice as very pretty, not so nice as no internet (not helpful for last minute Christmas shopping, grrr!) so am back in the old house currently stealing some internet time! Not that I didn't know already, and was the original idea for starting this blog, but have way too many things! The amount of clothes I found that had forgotten about (bf was none too pleased with the amount of clothes still with tags on!) but I do find it nice to rediscover again!

Took these when out and about before the ones in the previous post, just love the big knit bits at the moment, the longer the scarf the better I am saying, mostly because the more I can wrap it around the warmer I am! Am trying to get pregnant sister into her maternal nature and start knitting me something, so far it wouldn't be enough to cover an ant. 

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