Thursday, 21 March 2013


Shirt: Topshop   Shorts (diy cut off): New Look   Bra: H&M   Necklace: River Island   Ring: Primark

Bit delayed but took some photos this morning as the light into our bedroom is so lovely, didn't really catch it as well as I'd hope, but it was one of those times where it wakes you up naturally early and you don't actually mind!!!

Have had a relaxing day off and already started organising for New York (too soon?!). So far is only a small bags worth, thinking I'll need the space for stuff from the trip, but am thinking that it will grow very quickly! Whilst pulling bits out came across this shirt again and remembered how much I really wanted it when I saw on one of the shop assistants. Needs to be a bit warmer to wear due to its open racer back, but the feel of it is so nice. Other ones I have recently seen and liked are this sheer sleeved one, here, from Topshop. This one from Zara with different style flower detail, here, and also this really over the top oriental print one, here, from River Island.

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