Monday, 21 April 2014


Dress: River Island   Boots: River Island   Watch: River Island   Sunglasses: Primark

Have been a bad blogger again and not posted anything for a while! Sorry! I just don't know where time goes sometimes, when did it get to Easter?!!! Next it'll be Christmas! Ok, now I sound like my mum! But with the arrival of Easter comes the arrival of some sunnier/warmer weather. Still not got to the point of breaking out the summer sandals (sorry peeps think that is still a tad early on that front!) but some shorter dresses…definitely!

Only whilst tagging this have I realised I am wearing all River Island and this dress was one I saw on the website when first launched and loved the (what I thought was) pleated skirt to it, on checking in the store I realised it was all a trick of the print and kind of felt a bit cheated. Not so much that I didn't go back and get it when it went in the sale though ;) Hope all have had a very happy Easter time!!! WILL post again soon!

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