Monday, 17 November 2014


Shoes: Irregular Choice

HELLO!!! I will post more often, I swear I must as I miss it! Have been crazy busy with work, (and is only going to get busier I'm sure!!!). Have moved where I am for work so getting bit more used to that recently. But in other news…look at these shoes!!!!!!!! I GOT SOME! I missed the original 'Eternal Friend' unicorn shoes that were originally released by Irregular Choice but then the 'Trixy' version came out in gold and was even better!!!

You may notice that there are no photos of them actually on my feet as these ones I bought online and got a size too small :( (does anyone else struggle with like half size feet?!) so they have had to go back but then realised there were some in Schuh and, although I love the turquoise colour as a colour, I think the peach ones, here, actually worked best with the gold unicorn. Either way the heel's a unicorn, just amazing!!! You know my love of Irregular Choice as they are based in my home town and were debating them for bridesmaids shoes for the wedding posted about before! Just all greatly original!

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