Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Top photo: here
Second photo: here
Third photo: here
Fourth photo: here
Last photo: here

Ok so we are in full swing for wedding preparation right now, only three days till the sisters impending nuptials and I still can't choose how to have my hair, arghhhhh! This is by far the biggest crisis at the moment (though the sister might not necessarily agree with that!). My dress is a royal blue maxi dress from Monsoon, here, and think will look best with some kind of messy up-do, the question is which?!

I really like the plait detail in Jessica's but don't know if that would be a bit fussy and then the messiness of Audrina's, but would that be too messy? Or I could go a bit more glamourous and high up like Vanessa's, here. So many different styles for what I could have! What to choose?! HELP!


  1. I really like the 4th one down - Is it Lauren? A little messy, but nice detail too! I'm also really liking Jessicas plaits - I was thinking plaits, but don't want to upset another wedding hairdresser! Gem (Who is now tanned!)xxx

  2. Yer I like Lauren's too but now have had a side fringe cut back in so not sure if it will work as well. You going to go for the plaits? Think that'd look really nice. Yay for the tan! xxx