Saturday, 5 November 2011 it

Shirt: Primark   Scarf: H&M   Chinos (with belt): Primark   Trainers: River Island   Watch: Walt Disney Company   Make up set: Benefit   Perfume: "Pixie Dust" at The Disney Store

Only one week left till the cast comes off, spent yesterday organising shoe boxes (think I have now cleared out my wardrobe three times over!). I basically did what I usually end up doing anyway when sorting out my shoes - staring at them for a while and then put them back, unworn, in their boxes - but without being able to have a little try on properly, this time was a little disheartening! 

Anyways, the sister makes an appearance on here today, mainly as she has been very kind to me the last few weeks and running round to make sure I don't walk too far or fall over and break more bones! (I don't think she could take anymore!) I also liked her mix of colours in the outfit she was wearing, the mint of the shirt picked up in the scarf and the matching brown belt and trainers. Was watching her get ready (I had got upstairs and was dreading the trip down again) and liking all her pretty make up sets and bottles - note to self, must take advantage of more! Thank sis!

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