Monday, 8 July 2013

So so...sunny

Dress: George   Sandals: Varanni   Jacket: Primark   L necklace: Topshop   Feather necklace: Orelia

OMG it's soooooo lovely and hot, if viewers have been following on Twitter you will have seen my latest toy that is perfect for this weather and have been out in it as often as I can, and no it's not the latest playsuit! Although I have been checking out River Islands latest shoes and I don't know which ones to go for...maybe all of them!!! Shall post up on my Facebook page more pics of the ones I particularly love soon!

I have had this dress for years, seemed like the a great day to break out. Love how hot it is at the moment, makes me want to move abroad, where to? Spain? Miami? Oh to dream...

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