Sunday, 30 June 2013

I can...have everything

T-shirt: Topshop   Trousers: H&M   Trainers: River Island   Jacket: River Island   Sunglasses: Primark   Watch: River Island   Bracelets: Topshop/H&M

Life isn't exactly how I thought it would turn out at the mo and has been getting me down recently. But then every now and then you have one of those crystal clear moments when you realise, actually, everything is quite good! The t-shirt kind of mimics my mood a lot of the time, I wanna see and do EVERYTHING all the time and get bothered when I can't! 

Need to just chill out a bit and enjoy what I have got going on, some fabulous family and friends. Cool flat, lovely new car (more of which will appear later am sure!) and am healthy, what more could I ask for?!!! Well maybe some Alexander Wang shoes...but that might be pushing it a bit!!!

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