Saturday, 1 June 2013 times

Sunglasses: Primark   T-shirt: H&M (Mens)   Skort: Zara   Trainers: Converse   Bag: Primark   Bracelets: Topshop

Ok so we are finally back from all our gadding about, got back from Ibiza this morning and have loved just having a chill in the sun for few days, till this morning when woke up with a stinking!!!  Gotta say we didn't really do a lot over there, just sat or drank in the sun mostly, which was what was needed, and the above photos were the favourites of some outfits we took photos of over there.

As said before this short/skirt from Zara have been EVERYWHERE (particularly in white) so I have succumbed to the trend, (is the hankerchief style front that got me), and wore them casually with my Converse. Wanted to dress up a bit with some fancy sandals I took but had forgotten suncream on the tops of my feet, (rooky mistake!), so these were the comfier option!. If people have been following on Instagram, here, you would've seen a few more snaps from this week but have more to post soon!

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  1. Love seeing you in the chucks!