Tuesday, 6 August 2013

When you're...alone

Cami: Primark   Skirt: Topshop   Shoes: Primark   Necklace: Orelia   Bracelet: River Island

Been trying to take photos on my own this week so sorry they not been the best quality! That and the fact the rain is now here...boo!!! If anyones been following on Instagram a while ago when I got this skirt I posted a photo of it with these white slingbacks. I love anything with text on for some reason, so this text within text print was great! Also quite love the length, which means you kind of have to wear the heels!

I dunno if just me but love wearing my heels round the house, mainly as they don't usually get a view of outside (I'm strangely precious about a lot of them) and like to think it makes me more used to wearing them. So if the day ever came when I had a job where I had to wear beautiful heels all day I could cope just fine! Very sure that wouldn't be the case but this is what I like to believe! 


  1. Wow, totally in love with your long skirt!! Awsum !!!!!
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  2. You're really unrepeatable