Sunday, 4 August 2013

The night...out


Jumpsuit: Primark   Belt: Primark   Shoes: Zara  Bag: New Look   Bracelet: River Island

Have been bad blogger and not been on here for two weeks! Very naughty of me but for the last two weeks if I have not been in work I have been asleep! It has been crazy hectic and have not stopped to even think. But thankfully now am on HOLIDAYYYYYY!!! Planning to have couple of weeks of catching up with some friends here, there and everywhere and then heading back home to Brighton before going to Paris again. Initial packing has begun and is basically thrown all over the spare room!

The above was for a great start to the holiday with a night out for one of my great friends birthdays and wanted to break out some heels but not go very over dressed, hence play suit. Haven't worn it before and actually liked the casualness of it, though by the end of the night it was getting a bit annoying as only play suits do!

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